Thursday, June 20, 2024

Louisiana State Police Welcomes 33 New Troopers as Cadet Class 103 Graduates

by BIZ Magazine

Louisiana State Police celebrated the graduation of its 103rd Cadet Class, marking the culmination of a rigorous 24-week journey for 33 cadets who have now earned the esteemed title of Louisiana State Trooper. The graduation ceremony, held at the Baton Rouge Community College Performing Arts Theater, showcased the dedication and commitment of these new troopers.

Since September 24, 2023, the cadets from diverse backgrounds across the state embarked on an intensive training program at the Louisiana State Police Training Academy. Under the guidance of seasoned instructors, they underwent comprehensive instruction in various areas, including crash investigation, emergency vehicle operations, impaired driving detection, and leadership skills, among others. Additionally, they maintained a rigorous physical training regimen to prepare for the demands of law enforcement.

Today, surrounded by their families, friends, and fellow Troopers, these 33 cadets received their Louisiana State Police badges, symbolizing their successful completion of the academy. With this milestone achieved, the newly graduated Troopers will be deployed across the state, where they will undergo a 10 to 14-week field-training program under the supervision of experienced Louisiana State Troopers.

For those inspired to join the ranks of Louisiana State Police and contribute to the tradition of service to the people of Louisiana, opportunities are available. Prospective candidates can contact a recruiter at [email protected] or text “Join LSP” to 225-777-8162. More information about Louisiana State Police can be found on their website at

The newly graduated Troopers have been assigned to different troops across the state, as follows:

  • Troop A (Baton Rouge)
    • Andrew Delee
    • Jamigh James
    • Adam Lapeyrouse
  • Troop B (Kenner)
    • Spencer Freeman Jr.
    • Christian Grice
    • Spencer Keating
  • Troop C (Gray)
    • Brent Crochet
    • Tyler Kibodeaux
    • Aron Wolfe
  • Troop D (Lake Charles)
    • Marcus Hardy
    • Jesse Morris
    • Lena Pollich
    • Jesse Thurman
  • Troop E (Alexandria)
    • Caleb Johnson
    • Kenneth McBride
    • John Walker
  • Troop F (Monroe)
    • John Brown
    • Thomas Hagan
    • Tobias Haynes
  • Troop G (Bossier City)
    • Magalene Boykin
    • William Derrick
    • Michael Prothro
    • Rachel Robertson
  • Troop I (Lafayette)
    • Kenneth Averette
    • Cody Fontenot
    • Monique Laverne
    • Gabriel Pontiff
    • Kerry Sam Jr.
    • Kordell Williams
  • Troop L (Mandeville)
    • Daniel Gauchet
    • Ashton Mclaughlin
    • Steven Prince
    • Drew Weidenbacher

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