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LSUS’s Lin ranked top Louisiana scientist in business and management field

by BIZ Magazine

LSUS professor Dr. Binshan Lin has been recognized as the top Louisiana scientist and one of the top researchers in the world in the field of business and management, according to rankings recently released. 

Lin ranks No. 306 in the world, No. 154 in the United States and No. 1 in Louisiana based off rigorous evaluation of bibliometric data consolidated from various data sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. 

He’s one of just three Louisiana-based scientists to make the list of nearly 1,600 researchers. 

“I am sincerely indebted to the BellSouth Corporation for its generosity,” said Lin, who holds the BellSouth Corporation Professorship. “Through that professorship, I continue striving to advance my research program for which this endowment was given years ago. 

“In an academic position, our work is constantly changing, mostly as a result of the nature of scientific research itself. My most cited works are related to information systems and decision sciences which allow me to reinvent myself in more dramatic ways by shifting to new lines of work such as data sciences and business intelligence.” 

Lin has been published 190 times in works considered by the rankings and cited an estimated 12,978 times. He’s totaled more than 280 articles in refereed journals in his career. 

His most popular work was cited 1,216 times, titled “Accessing information sharing and information quality in supply management,” published in 2006. 

“Professors can become more effective and powerful by developing the skills to recognize scientifically-based practice, and when the evidence is not available, use some basic business research concepts to draw conclusions on their own,” said Lin, who is also the director of research in the LSUS College of Business. “The research component in business allows for a broader educational experience whereby students are able to explore the effects of applying new thought processes and comprehend the practice application of their classroom experience represented in research projects.” 

Lin is one of LSUS’s longest-tenured professors, starting in Shreveport in 1988. 

He is a nine-time recipient of the LSUS Outstanding Faculty Award and is editor-in-chief at Expert Systems with Applications and Machine Learning with Applications that tops a long list of honors. 

Other top distinctions include the 2005 Computer Educator of the Year by the International Association for Computer Information Systems and the Ben Bauman Award for Excellence in 2003 (IACIS). He’s served as president of the of the Southwest Decision Sciences Institute (2004-05), the Association for Chinese Management Educators (2003-04) and the International Chinese Information Systems Association (2000) as well as vice president of the Decision Sciences Institute on two different occasions. 

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