Thursday, June 20, 2024

Best Places to Work 2023: Citizens National Bank

by BIZ Magazine

Citizens National Bank has been serving the Northwest Louisiana area for the past 38 years. In 2021, CNB expanded into South Louisiana adding branch locations in Metairie and Mandeville.  Citizens National Bank is currently located in 7 parishes and looks forward to continued growth throughout the state.

CNB is committed to the development and financial growth of their customers and businesses and believes their success is a reflection of the communities they serve.  They have built a culture within the organization of teamwork, respect and commitment to their employees and customers. Through their employee volunteer program, the CNB family builds strong relationships with each other and the community.

What the employees have to say:

I love working at CNB because the people here make you feel like family. No matter what you are going through, your CNB family is always going to be there for you.” — Brandy

“CNB shows that they truly care about their employees. To me it is a family type atmosphere while being at work. I love my job and love working for Citizens National Bank.” —  Brad

“I love working for Citizens National Bank because this company goes the extra mile for their employees and for their local community.  This company understands that building a better future for the company is directly dependent on building a better future for their employees.” — Angela

“I love being part of a bank with a focus on growth in our ever-changing and challenging industry.  The vision (from the top down) to provide a consultative approach to our clients is exciting.  CNB’s dedication to our clients and shareholders is second only to the compassion extended to our employees.  Every employee is important and every opinion matters.  To be a part of a cohesive team that puts our clients’ needs first sets CNB apart from our competition.  Delivering ‘first in class’ customer service is something to be proud of and will continue to win business.” — Tara    

“Citizens National Bank is so much more than just a ‘job,’ it’s a culture. They INVEST in their employees in a way that not very many other companies do. They invest time into making each of us strive to be better than the day before, not only for yourself, but everyone you interact with. Citizens also invests into the community in so many ways that makes me proud to be a part of the CNB family!” — Kimberly

“Citizens National Bank (CNB) has invested in my career development by sending me to a graduate school of banking, which was an incredibly rewarding experience. CNB truly values continuing education for its employees, and that investment means a great deal to me.” — Mary

“One reason I love working here is we are encouraged to be creative and use our skills to the best of our ability, and as a result provide an excellent customer experience. We are put in a position to not just do a job but to be a difference maker in our customers lives.” — John

“I have been employed at Citizens for 25 years and could not ask for a better workplace. We have the best staff and everyone works together to help make th is the ideal working environment.” — Larry

“CNB is the place to be because we treat our customers top notch and there is true concern about the well being and happiness of the employees. Great people who support you and cheer for you. I love working at CNB.” — Shelia





CULTURE: Relationship-based within the company and with our customers. We emphasize our core values in our daily interactions with CNB team members and customers. These core values include teamwork, personal responsibility, achieving results and commitment to service.

RECRUITMENT: CNB currently has a General in the Reserves serving as a Board member. CNB partners with Barksdale Air Force Base as a member of their Employer Panel. CNB also recruits through Veteran job fairs.

PROMOTE HEALTH: CNBe Healthy Program encourages employees to live a more active and healthy lifestyle which creates a more productive workforce. Employees who meet the monthly criteria receive an incentive through payroll as well as a gym membership reimbursement.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: CNB has an employee volunteer program. The program creates opportunities to build relationships and create a culture of teamwork with peers. All CNB employees receive 4 hours of volunteer time per quarter.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION: CNB Recognized recognizes employees monetarily and publicly for CNB core values. CNB values teamwork, demonstrated through the follow celebrations – annual Employee Appreciation Day, New Hire Orientation, Volunteer Program, contests through our Intranet, Bed Build Event and 5k team registrations!

VITALITY: CNB’s vitality is demonstrated through our low employee turnover rate and the tenure of our employee base. We are also committed to making our community the best it can be, as we recognize, we can only be as good as those around us. When people come to work at CNB, we often hear, “I want to retire from here.”

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