Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Next generation surgery technology now available at Willis-Knighton

by BIZ Magazine

Technology like 3D holograms and X-ray vision are usually associated with science fiction and superhero comics, but next
generation technology at Willis-Knighton Health System now brings them into the operating room.

Willis-Knighton is the first health system in Northwest Louisiana to offer HipInsight™ System, the first FDA approved
augmented reality (AR) guidance platform for joint replacement. Vik Chatrath, MD, of WK Bossier Orthopedics, is one of
only 40 surgeons in the nation to offer total hip replacement with this revolutionary HipInsight technology. He performs
surgery at WK Bossier Health Center.

“Hip replacement surgery is an incredibly successful procedure, but I am always looking for ways to improve my
outcomes for my patients,” Dr. Chatrath said. “I’m excited to offer HipInsight because it can lead to smaller incisions,
less pain and blood loss, and faster recovery for my patients.”

On verbal command from the doctor, the HipInsight™ System displays real time 3D models of the patient’s anatomy,
implants and instruments inside the body via Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses, effectively giving surgeons
X-ray vision. Surgeons align the physical tools with their virtual counterparts to put the implants in the correct
orientation. The alignment is so anatomically precise that by operating on the holograph, doctors are operating on the
real joint.

“Surgeons traditionally perform hip replacements with two-dimensional X-rays and rely on data shown on large external
workstations, cameras or screens outside of the surgical field,” Dr. Chatrath said. “HipInsight simplifies surgery because
surgeons can keep their eyes focused on the patient instead of constantly looking up at computer screens. They see
what they need to see, when they need to see it, in the exact sequence of the surgery itself.”

Total hip replacement is a common surgery, with nearly 450,000 total hip replacements performed annually in the
United States.

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