Thursday, July 18, 2024

We still have much to be #thankful for

by BIZ Magazine

While there has been much uncertainty in our lives as we have changed our routines to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, you have actually had a whole community supporting you during this unsettling time. That community was your business community. They’ve always been there to provide the products and services you needed and they didn’t leave when the crisis came. Some have temporarily closed their doors to stay-at-home right along with you and others have been going steady to provide you with what you need, and some sense of normalcy during the past month and a half.  

There is no better way to show your appreciation than to say thank you to the businesses who have been there for you along the way. WE CHALLENGE YOU to thank them in person, leave them a glowing review on Facebook or Google, or make an entire post dedicated to their service using the hashtags below.  

#ThankaGroceryStore: When you needed to stock your pantry to make sure you could stay home as much as possible, these stores not only provided as much as they could, they stood on the front lines of this virus and offered to bring your groceries straight to your car. And, working around the clock to keep as much food on the shelves as possible, they also hired MORE PEOPLE during the pandemic, filling another need for many families.  

#ThankaRestaurant: When you were looking for some comfort from your favorite dishes or just got tired of cooking and doing dishes, your favorite restaurants were there for you. This industry may have endured some of the largest changes, going from normalcy to offering takeout and curbside to absolutely no inside dining in the blink of an eye. But as often as they could, these restaurants worked hard to stay open to provide you with a good meal and keep their employees on the payroll. 

#ThankaBanker: Many businesses have been upended by this virus – in the way they normally conduct business and in their bottom line. The legislation passed to help aid businesses was passed as quickly as this virus began to spread, and that meant there were challenges in getting funding. But when your business needed help navigating this crisis financially, our banks stood up and took on the challenge of administering the Paycheck Protection Program loans as quickly and efficiently as possible to save jobs in our community. In fact, 60 percent of the loans approved through Phase One of the PPP were made by community banks.  

#ThankanInsuranceAgent: Business ownership can be full of bills to be paid, but as many of you sought relief for your business – and your individual bank accounts – the insurance industry recognized this need and most offered discounts. No matter how small the discount, any relief in monthly bill payments is making a huge impact during a time of such uncertainty. 

#ThankaHealthcareProfessional: This one has been the most obvious of the thank yous to send out within our community as we have seen time and again that our healthcare professionals are the ones fighting this virus head-on. But don’t just think of the doctors and nurses, anyone who works in a hospital or cares for you at a clinic – from the lab workers to the front desk – is working to keep you safe and as healthy as possible. Let’s not forget the ENTIRE TEAM of HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS in our community and be especially thankful for the scope of this industry in our community. 

And there are so many more people to thank: #ThankaMailCarrier, #ThankaSanitationWorker, #ThankaDeliveryDriver (for all of that online shopping you are doing), #ThankaRetailStore for offering online payments and curbside pickup, #ThankYourSchool and everyone who works there for trying to provide education to students in any capacity they can. I think the moral of the story is to remember to be appreciative of everyone who is continuing to work to provide for this community. 

#ThankYourChamber: We don’t often seek accolades or public kudos, but during this time, we ALSO have been working around the clock for our business community, which trickles down to every individual. We have worked to provide the most accurate and helpful information to EVERY BUSINESS, regardless of their membership status, during this difficult time we are navigating together. Every time you continue to pay your dues, read our enewsletters, click like on our social media posts, or call-in to our weekly Chamber Chat or Joint Chamber Webinar, you have shown us that even though you are busy taking care of your business, you understand that supporting us and the larger business community is important to you, and to our future. And we say THANK YOU for all of your support of the Bossier Chamber during this time, too. We truly are #BetterTogether. 

Lisa Johnson | President and CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce.

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