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Teri Haynes: What defines a ‘Best Place to Work?’

by BIZ Magazine

Based on some reports, everyone wants to work at Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, or Google.  I don’t know about the “everyone” part, however, these companies consistently make the lists of great places to work.  Yet look deeper and these organizations have problems just like all other companies.  There is no perfect place to work, although some places do provide a much better employee experience.  So, what are some of these experiences or offerings?


Some basics that make an employer good would be fair pay for the job, neither underpaid nor overpaid.  My experience is that companies which pay overly high salaries are buying workers.  In a typical market, if workers must be purchased, something may smell rotten.  Of course, nothing seems typical these days.

Ethical leadership is another basic expectation.  Only unethical people will consider working at an organization with disreputable leaders.

Good organizations provide enough flexibility and time off for vacations, being sick and caring for sick family members, and time to deal with the challenges that life throws at all of us.

Consistent, individual appreciation of employees makes them feel valued.  And, no, for the hard-core old-school mentalities out there, a paycheck is not a thank you.


A supportive, caring, and welcoming culture creates an environment conducive to trust.  If you are unclear why trust is vital to a successful organization, read “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R. Covey.

A positive culture supports employees making friends at work.  These are people with whom to have lunch with and who care for and support each other through the highs and lows of life.  Employees tend to stay at businesses where they have friends.

Organizations that support and enable employees to serve the community are held in high esteem by both employees and the larger community.  Giving-back creates a bond that remains intact when employees return to work.


Timely, clear, honest, and transparent communications are provided by the best companies.  In this situation, transparent means freely sharing information to benefit the company and the employees.  When transparency is part of the culture, things move faster because knowledge is willingly communicated.

The best companies consistently make sure everyone understands why the organization does what it does and how each job supports the mission.  Employees feel their work is important and they struggle together to meet the organizational goals.

The best companies have diversity, inclusion, and equity figured out.  At these businesses, everyone has a sense of belonging and knows that their co-workers welcome and accept them, not just tolerate them.

Managers at the best companies know their job is to train, encourage, support, defend, trust, and inspire their staff to perform at their best.  They coach their employees when they struggle, and praise them when they succeed.  These managers provide opportunities for their employees to grow.

Should you be a best place to work just for the employees’ benefit?  Yes!  Best places to work have more employee engagement which leads to more productivity which then leads to more profit.  When you take care of your employees, your employees take care of the business.

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