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STRIKEWERX wraps up workshop

by BIZ Magazine

The innovation hub for Air Force Global Strike Command began the process of solving a problem facing the major command at Barksdale Air Force Base.

STRIKEWERX wrapped up its three-day virtual challenge definition workshop on Aug. 20. The workshop, done in conjunction with AFWERX, was the first in a series of steps designed to reimagine how aircrews are notified of emergencies with little to no warning.

STRIKEWERX brings partners from business and higher education together to brainstorm solutions for AFGSC concerns. The workshop was an illustration of that by facilitating 55 different experts from across the country sharing their knowledge on how to replace the 1980s tech used by today’s air crews.

“We had military, academia, industry, and small businesses all using their own knowledge to scope out what the possibilities are for how we can improve aircrew alerting in Global Strike Command,” said STRIKEWERX Director Russ Mathers via a press release. “These types of events are totally in line with STRIKEWERX’s mission of providing new solutions to Global Strike Command’s needs and combining these various sectors to make the warfighter more competitive.”

Across the three days, endusers defined their needs and talked with experts about improving current methods of communication, future possibilities of resiliency, increasing portability, and more.

Maj. Ryan Chapman, executive chief scientist for AFGSC, told local media that this type of innovative thinking is what STRIKEWERX is seeking, saying, “When we look at what innovative people are, we cast off the traditional mindsets of military. We look at their responses and potential, not preconceived notions of military awards and rank.”

Following the workshop, AFWERX will launch the first STRIKEWERX challenge in late September. This will see an official problem statement on air crew alerting issued to companies nationwide.

Interested parties can then submit possible solutions for a period of approximately six weeks.Organizations with the best solutions will make in-person pitches in November with the chance to see their prototype chosen as the solution to the challenge in question.

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