Sen. Kennedy speaks to Bossier lunch groups

Sen. John Kennedy speaks to the South and North Bossier Luncheon groups in an event supported by the Republican Women of Bossier in Bossier City Aug. 23. (Stacey Tinsley/BIZ.)

The South and North Bossier Lunch groups joined together on Tuesday, Aug 23, at the Bossier City Civic Center in Bossier City to hear from guest speaker United States Senator John Kennedy (R-La.).

Kennedy discussed many topics during the meeting. Some of his talking points included: supporting law enforcement, what is transpiring in Washington D.C and where Louisiana stands with the rest of the country. Senator Kennedy also spent a great deal of time answering questions from the audience.

“For five years I have seen my job as working with my colleagues, Congressman Johnson, Senator Cassidy (and the other members of Congress) in order to make sure that all of our appropriation requests are satisfied. And, we work together very well. We don’t ask for a penny more than we deserve. But, we don’t accept a penny less,” Senator Kennedy said.

“In working together, your congressional delegation has appropriated about 3 and 1 half billion dollars for roads and bridges here in Louisiana. And, that doesn’t even include the so-called infrastructure bill,” he continued.

“Mike (Congressman Mike Johnson) and I work hard everyday on a number of issues important to all Louisianians. But, there is none more important than Barksdale. Nothing. Barksdale has grown over the years to be one of the premier military institutions in the world. And, your congressional delegation understands that. We have appropriated $40 million dollars for the weapons generation facility and $36 million for the entrance road gate complex,” he added.

The luncheon was sponsored by several local businesses/organizations and catered by Silver Star Smokehouse.

The goal of both the South and North Bossier Lunch Groups is to bring together men and women in our Bossier community that want to stay informed and want to make a difference.


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