Tuesday, February 20, 2024

New year, better you

by BIZ Magazine

Local business leader partners to create course designed to help others find purpose in business and life

“During the past two years, a lot of people have been searching for a new purpose as a result of market shifts during the pandemic, and I saw folks who did not know how to pursue that purpose. That’s why my partners and I decided to take our decades of knowledge to produce something that would give practical advice on how to pursue that purpose,” David Specht said about his new course that provides specific, actionable steps for anyone at any stage of their career or life’s journey.

The business owner and leadership guru [Ed.’s Note: David Specht is publisher of BIZ. And owner of Specht Newspapers, Inc. which owns BIZ.] has partnered with entrepreneurs Tom Hammel and Dave Ross to develop Step Into Purpose. 

Their 12-step course covers everything from goals and dreams to health and finances in modules that feature a short lesson, coupled with a worksheet that helps the participant put the lesson into action.

While Tom and Dave are primarily from the church/ministry world, David comes from the business world. However, the trio discovered they have a ton of knowledge in the areas of purpose and leadership.

“Each of us developed strengths in various areas, often by trial and error. Seeing this gap between knowledge and execution, the three of us decided to work together to help others where we wish we could have been helped over the years,” David explained.

David notes that people often have a host of talents they don’t monetize. And, while Step Into Purpose is not a “making money” course, it carries participants on a path to where they can see how their talents fit their purpose, and then how that purpose can become their vocation.

David adds that the pandemic proved there is no such thing as, “Business as usual.” Step Into Purpose helps business people work on often-ignored areas in personal development.

“Many people fail to realize the effect things like health, financial literacy, and self-leadership have on the bottom line,” he pointed out. “We want them to have the ability, energy, and drive to pivot as often as necessary to succeed.”

While the world keeps changing at an accelerated rate, David has experience as a business leader and grappling with the difficulty of understanding how to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. That’s where Step Into Purpose helps leaders with their mindset, vision, and planning. 

“Step Into Purpose will bring clarity of focus on what really matters, while helping that business leader hone his or her skills in areas that aren’t necessarily taught in business books,” he said.

Not a leader by choice, David says he keeps finding himself in that type of position. However, when his father died in 2010, he was suddenly in charge of a business with no safety net. He knew he had to become a better leader, which led to David pursuing books, podcasts, and conferences to absorb leadership and personal development lessons. 

Except, he realized that many around him didn’t see things the way he did. 

“I wanted to help whoever would receive it. Over the past 10 years, I’ve embraced that purpose more and more,” David revealed. “What I have found is that helping others find and step into their purpose helps me become a better leader and business person in my own right.”

“It really is a win-win scenario,” he concludes.

While David believes in the course’s ability to help anyone achieve the goal of finding what he or she was meant to do in life, he is quick to note that Step Into Purpose is a guide that provides key elements necessary for attaining the goal. 

“Like any good story, there is a hero, a villain, and a guide. The hero, you, usually accomplishes a great deed while the villain, a life without purpose, stands in the way of the hero’s goal. And, the guide provides advice and support to the hero while the journey unfolds,” David summed up. 

He adds that if the participant goes through Step Into Purpose, and implements the lessons, building on each one as they enter the next, then the end result will be someone who is well-prepared to achieve a life of purpose.

“Make no mistake, it is up to the hero to do the work — not the guide.”

To learn more, and to become a participant, visit ourcultivatedlives.com/stepintopurpose.

— BIZ. Magazine