Lisa Johnson: What you can do to recruit the best talent

In anticipation of the federal unemployment extra benefit set to expire in Louisiana on July 31, many agencies and employers have begun hosting job fairs to fill the many vacancies we are seeing across the region. 

But what can you do as an employer to recruit the best candidates for your open job(s) as you compete against so many other open positions at different companies? We have a few ideas.

Offer remote work options: Many employers are now finding many people prefer working from home – or somewhere else – instead of always coming into the office. While your business structure may not be able to offer 100 percent remote work options, consider giving employees a day or two a week to work remotely, if that can be done efficiently and you have the right technology to do so.

Offer exclusive benefits: Sometimes employees will take less in pay if their employer offers great benefits. Think about how much your health insurance (and dental, vision, life, etc.) costs your employees. Can’t make a change there? Perhaps you can offer a couple of extra personal days. Or, consider letting employees flex their time, meaning their hours can change depending on their needs and they don’t have to work exactly eight hours each day as long as their weekly total equals 40 (or whatever number of hours they were hired for).

Consider posting employee testimonials on your website and social media channels: This can help people learn how much employees enjoy working for your business. If your employees are satisfied, you will be able to retain them longer and save on training costs overall. The culture of your business is paramount to employee retention. Consider having your top employees take questions from job candidates as well so they can really sell your business for you.

Offer employee “fun” days and training options: Potential employees will be intrigued by opportunities to enjoy working with their coworkers and fun days – games, lunch outings, etc. – can help breed a great culture among coworkers. And, employees like the opportunity to grow within a company. Sometimes training and fun can go together as well. Reach out to other businesses you see doing well in this arena for tips. 

Offer more pay: Many of our member businesses are telling us that employees are asking for higher wages coming out of the pandemic. Look for opportunities/jobs where you can offer more money. Can’t find enough cash for a big jump in pay? Consider offering signing bonuses or quarterly bonuses for employees. 

#Work has been tagged 140 million times on Instagram alone so we know many people out there are enjoying their work life. Make sure you consider not only the kinds of people you need for your business to be a success but, also, how you as an employer can make the lives of your employees more enjoyable at work. That’s a sure way to hire the best and keep them coming back day in and day out. 

Lisa Johnson | President & CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce.

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