Lisa Johnson: New patriots emerge during pandemic

No part of this community, state, country or world was left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic, both in the realm of our daily lives and in our jobs and businesses. But as we dealt with this unprecedented time, leaders and heroes emerged who helped us all get through this trying time, in both small and big ways. Think of someone you know or encountered who made this time easier – a healthcare worker, a family member, a mask-maker, a 911 operator, a grocery store worker, a delivery driver. The people who worked for the greater good of our community are endless.

This year, the Bossier Chamber of Commerce wants to recognize those who went above and beyond to help others – our Patriots of the Pandemic.

As we began to think about our annual Patriot Awards celebration, which typically honors our local first-responders, we realized that 2020 has brought a new meaning to that term first-responder or front-line worker, essential worker, or perhaps, just a helper.

We want to celebrate these people who have gone above and beyond in our community. They are truly patriots – those who helped defend our country against a virus that affected so many.

Think about the people who lifted you up, treated you or a family member at the hospital, offered you help with your errands or groceries. Let’s celebrate them and their helping heart.

The only way we can adequately say thank you to so many of these patriots who have been helping, and continue to help, during this pandemic, is for you to SHARE these STORIES with us!

Simply go to, fill out the nomination form for someone who you noticed going above and beyond during the pandemic and submit it!

We will honor the top nominees at an event on September 10, 2020 and will name our Patriots of the Pandemic. Don’t be shy – nominate someone you know today!

Lisa Johnson | President & CEO of the Bossier Chamber of commerce.

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