Lisa Johnson: Let’s go “back to the future” in 2021

While there are many aspects of 2020 that we would all like to put behind us, we all know that there are lessons we can take away from the past, even the not-so-distant past.  

It is always important not to forget where we came from on the way to where we need to go. The way forward is lined with past experiences and the lessons we can bring with us as we focus BACK to the FUTURE. 

Let’s take a look – TOGETHER – at some of the things we know we have done well in the past that we can implement in all of our strategies moving forward.  

Relationship-building is about Being Present: As we look back to the relationship-building we had grown accustomed to, especially as Chamber members, let’s refocus there and make sure to Be Present with those around us and those we work next to. Because no matter what form your relationship-building takes now – through a screen, in person with distance, through more mail correspondence, etc., being present in that relationship is the most important part. 

Re-imagine what your business can be through Innovation: Many businesses have had to re-imagine how to conduct business throughout this last year. Maybe the pandemic has helped you see the benefit of using local vendors to help with supply chain and shipping issues. For some, integrating a stronger online presence and offering different delivery methods – curbside pickup and physical delivery – have increased business traffic and made it easier for customers to utilize your products and services. We encourage you to continue to think about innovation in your business, even when outside influences aren’t forcing you to change your models, modes and delivery. 

Make a Commitment by following your Passion: As we have all moved into a much smaller circle of interaction, one thing that has suffered is a strong commitment to be involved and take action. While there are even more avenues to share ideas and talk about things that you want to do or need to get done, much of our talk lately lacks a true focus on passion. With passion, talk and ideas become actions to take within your business, your Chamber and larger economy but also your community. Find your passion and take the steps to join forces with organizations and individuals –much like those within your Chamber – to put your passion into action.   

When thinking of getting back to Fundamentals, focus on your Core Values: All of this may sound like a coach’s pep talk to get you back to the fundamentals of being a great business person and contributing member of your community. Maybe it is. But what you can always rely on to you get you through times that may be hard, times that require change and times that seem uncertain are your core values. This is a great time to revisit what you find those core values to be for yourself, and your business, so that you have a guide path to follow as you make daily decisions to shift your focus, truly, BACK to the FUTURE. 

With 2020 in our rearview mirror, we at the Bossier Chamber are taking stock of the lessons of the past while resetting our view past hardships and constraints to look at how we can be even greater tomorrow. We are refocusing BACK to the FUTURE. 

Lisa Johnson | President & CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce

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