Monday, April 15, 2024

Lisa Johnson: Improving economy means more jobs

by Lisa Johnson

Northwest Louisiana is hiring.

Everywhere I go lately I see a sign for a hiring event. When I come to work, I have employers calling me to tell me they need more employees and they are operating with a skeleton crew because they can’t find enough workers for the openings they have. As we sit around the boardroom table with our large business and staple small businesses, they all echo the same thing.

There are economic reports coming out now that indicate our economy might be doing better than was even expected just two months ago.

What does that mean?

It means that as the economy does better and more people are looking to make purchases of goods and services, we are only going to have a larger demand for able employees.

We have felt this roller coaster we have all been riding on right along with you – our business community. During the pandemic, we too had to modify our staffing needs, but now that businesses are opening back up, we are hosting two and three ribbon cuttings PER WEEK!

But this is good news for our city, parish and region! We have jobs and are set to grow and prosper but, we do need the employees.

If your business is looking for employees, consider posting your openings on our NEW job board, a part of our new redesigned website at Don’t forget to add your logo and include ALL of the perks and incentives you are offering to employees.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We highly recommend consulting one of our local human resource services who can help you find qualified candidates. Just search our membership database and the category Human Resource Services to find the top agencies in our area who can help you tailor your search to meet your specific needs.

We all know that social media is a great tool for communication. Don’t hesitate to post your job there, and on other high traffic sites. While this approach could get you a slew of candidates, we hope it will also help you reach those top-notch workers you are searching for.

Don’t overlook our higher education institutions, and even Bossier Parish School for Technology & Innovative Learning, to find employees who are ready to enter the workforce. Contact these colleges and universities and talk to their workforce development departments to not only seek out applicants but to partner for future internships, apprenticeships and training programs to acquire new employees and train your current workforce.

Most importantly – don’t give up. Our area is rich with great people, great businesses and great education institutions. Together, we can build this economy to be even stronger than before.

Lisa Johnson | President & CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce.

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