Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Les Guice: La. Tech making tremendous strides amid pandemic

by BIZ Magazine

Our area – along with our state and nation – continues to make strides in the battle against COVID-19. From moving classes online to holding meetings and events on Zoom, our Louisiana Tech University students, faculty, and staff have faced a year full of challenges. We’ve learned how to maneuver and thrive, offering a mix of classes to meet the needs of our students.

In the past year, we have learned about the strength and resiliency of our Tech Family, and now, we’re planning for Fall Quarter.  

The strides our country has made – along with increasing availability and acceptance of vaccines – will allow us to have a Fall Quarter that is as close to normal as is possible with health guidelines. 

Throughout the past year, we’ve learned that the vast majority of our students and their parents chose Louisiana Tech because we are committed to helping our students grow in and out of the classroom. They want us to offer face-to-face classes in a safe environment, and they believe a college career is enriched with a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Therefore, we will return to Louisiana Tech’s core strength this fall. 

We plan to provide face-to-face instruction in the vast majority of our courses and will continue to increase the number of opportunities for student engagement and activities on campus.

We will still offer online or hyflex instruction when needed to meet state-mandated occupancy requirements, but only when we have not been able to achieve a face-to-face option. This Summer Quarter, we will offer a mix of classes that is in line with health and safety mandates.

Over the years, we have developed and offered online offerings for non-traditional student populations and will continue to develop and offer courses and new programs for those populations in the future.

At Louisiana Tech, we all look forward to approaching the uncertainty of the coming months with optimism. We look forward to the coming days when we can see more students, faculty, and staff on campus. I encourage students and parents to schedule visits and complete applications in preparation for a productive – and more normal – Fall Quarter. 

Dr. Les Guice | President of Louisiana Tech University

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