Friday, June 21, 2024

Johnson: Looking forward to “normal” is getting to be more real

by Lisa Johnson

You know what I’m doing as I plan out my next month – probably the same thing you’re doing – I’m looking forward and I’m certainly looking forward to doing a lot of things that we haven’t really been doing in the last year. 

But as we look forward, we know the first thing we will have to realize is that as we strive to get back to a sense of normalcy, we will all be learning what that new normal means. But still, looking forward to the day we all just have a “normal” day.  

I’m looking forward to a time when most everyone will feel comfortable getting together again. As the Bossier Chamber hosts its first event with in-person participation in quite some time, I find that I am really craving the connections and relationships I build through attending events together. 

I’m most certainly looking forward to visiting the state capitol again and, hopefully, the U.S. Capitol as well. It is vitally important that our elected officials see us face-to-face, multiple times per year, so we can really emphasize the priorities for our region.  

We at the Bossier Chamber always enjoy celebrating businesses. We are looking forward to officially opening, and celebrating, businesses through ribbon cuttings again. Be sure to check our website calendar because we have quite a few coming up.  

I’m looking forward to people returning to work, unemployment rates to drop, and manpower shortages to be a thing of the past. Our economy thrives on the hard work of our people and I look forward to the day we are all operating at 100 percent capacity again. 

I look forward to the continued growth in Bossier City and Bossier Parish, as our population ticks up and up again, our towns are becoming cities, and our area is bustling.   

I’m also looking forward to strengthening partnerships – growing our current relationships throughout this city, parish and region with our fellow organizations, businesses and elected officials alike, as well as forging new partnerships with our newly elected officials, particularly in Bossier City. 

All of this is the long way of saying – I look forward to our future, as we all shift our focus toward new goals and the days ahead. And I look forward to the possibilities the future holds with all of you. 

Lisa Johnson | President & CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce

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