Friday, June 21, 2024

Haynes: I scream, you scream, we all scream, but not for ice cream

by BIZ Magazine

“Anyone who supports {whoever} is an idiot and I could never be friends with them.”  “Did you see her latest post?  She’s a flaming {whatever}.  I’ll make sure everyone knows!”  “You know he’s a {whatever}. They are devil worshipers.”  I overhear these types of comments regularly.

Let’s switch to ice cream for a moment.  What is your favorite flavor?  Chocolate?  Vanilla, or Strawberry?  Perhaps you prefer rainbow sherbet, Nutty Buddies, Push-ups, sorbet, popsicles, or fudge bars.  Is it beneficial to have all these delicious varieties, or should only one flavor be allowed – the one you prefer?  Ouch.

Of course ice cream is a light and fun topic, not serious and polarizing like so many issues these days.  Yet, why are issues so divisive lately?  It seems we have lost respect for other people’s opinions, beliefs, and preferences.  We also seem to have lost the art of conversation in which we learn by listening and sharing thoughts and opinions with open hearts and minds.  We forget that right and wrong, true and false, and black and white are often nebulous, determined by one’s perspective.  

Why should it matter what someone’s favorite ice cream – I mean, political party – is?   Can’t we just let other people enjoy their preferred treat – I mean, religion?  If it doesn’t affect you and there is no harm, can’t people eat sorbet – I mean, choose their friends without being judged?

The next time either you or someone else begins expressing an opinion with a little too much passion, think about ice cream.

Opinions are like ice cream.  Everyone thinks their favorite flavor is the best.

We don’t have the right or knowledge to tell other people which flavor of ice cream they must eat – I mean, what is best for them.

There are more than 31 flavors of ice cream for a reason.  A multi-flavored – I mean, multicultural world – is so much more interesting and creative than groupthink.

If we offer to sample each other’s ice cream – I mean, respectfully share our opinions with each other – we may learn something and in the process enjoy a new flavor – I mean, make a new friend.

Keep it cool – I mean, live and let live.

When I scream and you scream, no one wins.  When we respect each other and appreciate the differences, we all win.  The golden rule is “do onto others as you would have them do unto you,” not “do unto others then split.”  I mean, banana split.

Teri Haynes | Business Interactions, LL | Improving human interactions in business

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