Friday, June 21, 2024

Guice: Summer classes are coming to Louisiana Tech

by BIZ Magazine

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to higher education, but those challenges continue to provide opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Shifting focus to flexible learning platforms and prioritizing technological advances allowed Louisiana Tech University to prioritize technological advances that would better serve our students, faculty, and staff.

With proper safety protocols and mask-wearing practices, we reframed the residential college model to meet our state’s health and safety guidelines and adapted our tools and technology to accommodate our students with flexible course delivery options. 

With greater access to vaccinations, we look forward to the days where bright minds can collaborate in our classrooms and inspire one another through in-person instruction.

At Louisiana Tech, our purpose is improving the lives of others through the transformational power of higher education. This fall, we look forward to returning to normal operations within our state’s health guidelines. We will provide face-to-face instruction and more engagement opportunities for our students. 

We will continue to encourage ways to provide unparalleled educational experiences to every one of our students – no matter the season.

This upcoming Summer Quarter we’re providing multiple delivery options so that our current and future students are able to accomplish their educational goals and advance their career path at their own pace. 

Many courses offered this summer will allow students to complete basic requirements within their major or individuals to enter programs designed to enhance their career goals. 

We’re offering financial incentives for taking summer classes: 

Waiving online fees 

Offering our Loyal Blue Scholarship for Summer classes

Non-traditional students have the opportunity to return and complete unfinished degrees, all while meeting their unique educational needs.

At Louisiana Tech, our programs are designed to provide opportunities for our students and make a positive impact on our communities. To find out more about summer enrollment, visit us at 

Dr. Les Guice | President of Louisiana Tech University

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