Guice: COVID-19 has fostered innovation

Dr. Les Guice

The COVID-19 pandemic has required innovative work from Louisiana Tech University’s faculty and staff to deliver quality academic programs and co-curricular activities that will enrich those programs while adhering to our health and safety guidelines. 

Our students come to Tech not only for our strong academic programs, they also choose to be a part of our family because those programs are supported by seminars, organizations, and internships that help complete their educational journeys. These opportunities help create the unparalleled educational experience that’s a hallmark of Louisiana Tech.

For seven years, many in the area have enjoyed the University’s New Frontiers in Biomedical Research Seminar Series. Its co-founders, Dr. Mary Caldorera-Moore and Dr. Jamie Newman, have worked to bring in nationally known researchers and speakers to address the latest topics in medicine, science, and research. The series was designed to bring experts to Louisiana Tech who will help build research programs, expand collaborative networks, introduce students to opportunities in various areas of biomedical research and share knowledge with the community.

This year, there has been a single scientific topic that has impacted everyone in the world – COVID-19. Gathering limits in the wake of the pandemic have forced Dr. Newman and Dr. Caldorera-Moore to reframe New Frontiers. The seminar series will now be online and will focus on the impact and outcomes of COVID-19.

Where in the past we have been limited by proximity and the ability for people to make it to campus, both as invited speakers and members of the audience, this year we are able to expand our guest list. We can also invite anyone – anywhere in the world – to join in viewing these events, to submit questions for our guests, or to share in the recorded event at a later date.

Our next seminar will be held at 3:30 p.m. CST Nov. 2. It will focus on Diagnostics, Treatments, and Vaccines for SARS-CoV2 & COVID-19 and will feature Dr. Krish Roy of Georgia Tech, Dr. Byron Crawford of the LSU School of Medicine-Shreveport, and Dr. Rodney Rohde of Texas State University.

You can register free for the seminar. Please join us this year to learn more about cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research and discovery.

Dr. Les Guice | President, Louisiana Tech University

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