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Empowering Local Change: Give for Good Set for May 7

by BIZ Magazine

In a display of unparalleled community spirit and unwavering generosity, Give For Good, the esteemed 24-hour online giving challenge led by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana, is poised to make a triumphant return on May 7, 2024. As the region braces for this extraordinary event, anticipation is running high for another day of impactful giving and collective empowerment.

A Day of Giving

Spearheaded by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana, Give For Good stands as a testament to the power of philanthropy to effect positive change. With the simple click of a button, donors from all walks of life become champions of compassion, rallying together to support the nonprofit organizations that enrich the fabric of North Louisiana. Last year’s event was nothing short of remarkable, with over $2.75 million raised through more than 8,000 gifts, benefiting 209 deserving organizations.

How It Works

Months of preparation culminate in a single, exhilarating day of giving. Nonprofits across North Louisiana register for Give For Good, meticulously crafting their online profiles to showcase their missions and impact. Beginning on April 23, advanced giving opens its doors, allowing eager donors to make their contributions ahead of the main event. Then, on May 7, from the stroke of midnight to the closing bell at midnight, the community comes alive with generosity as individuals flock to to show their support. Real-time updates on the leaderboard provide a thrilling glimpse into the collective progress, turning giving into a community-wide celebration.

The Lagniappe Fund: Amplifying Impact

At the heart of Give For Good lies the Lagniappe Fund, a reservoir of bonus dollars designed to amplify the impact of donations. Sourced from the generosity of local businesses, foundations, and individuals, these funds are distributed among participating nonprofits, bolstering their efforts to serve the community. It’s a chance for every dollar to stretch a little further, ensuring that vital programs and services receive the support they need.

Prizes and Bonus Dollars

Beyond the Lagniappe Fund, nonprofits vie for over $20,000 in prizes through various contests and challenges. From Facebook competitions to awards for the most donors in a specified time frame, the excitement is palpable as organizations compete for recognition and additional support.

Join the Movement

With Give For Good, everyone has the opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary. Whether you’re a seasoned donor or new to philanthropy, your contribution can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to join the movement for positive change.

More Information

The insights into Give For Good 2024 and its impact on North Louisiana communities were provided by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana. For more information on Give For Good, including how to donate or get involved, please visit or contact the Community Foundation at 318-221-0582 or email [email protected].

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