Dr. Rick Bateman: A picture worth many thousands of words

Earlier this year, a photographer captured this amazing double rainbow embracing Bossier Parish Community College. If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words… this one must be worth many thousands. As we entire the final quarter of 2021, this image speaks to BPCC’s rebirth as the College embraces the lessons of the last eighteen months and continues to nudge toward the new normal. Despite the obstacles thrown at us… we’ve had an exceptionally successful year. To be certain, challenges are on the horizon… but we’ll face them with the confidence inspired by the promise of a double rainbow.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, the state of your comprehensive, regional, community college is both strong and precarious. This strength has everything to do with the people who have chosen to apply their talents at BPCC and who have committed to providing world class service to students. Our team of Caring Cavaliers had several significant successes this last year and the opposing page lists many of those #BPCCproud accomplishments. Of note is the work of the Academic and Workforce Divisions, Athletic Department, BPCC Foundation, and the Computer, Student, and Veteran Services Units. As in previous years, BPCC was recognized for outstanding service to the community and the College continues to compete on a national level in multiple areas.

At BPCC, we are not resting on our laurels because our future is neither guaranteed nor secure. In fact, there is significant disruption in our sector and difficult fiscal circumstances typically befall higher education when federal stimulus/aid dollars dry up. We see the demographic cliff heading for higher education caused by a declining birth rate since 2008; fewer high school graduates beginning in 2026 will ratchet up competition in the post-secondary sector. BPCC is focused on skating to where the puck is going to be by making adjustments now that will allow us to succeed in this hyper-competitive environment; this forward-thinking will ensure that we deliver, like never before, on our promises to business and industry in Northwest Louisiana.

Under the good fortune of a double rainbow, we are proud, grateful, and optimistic. The 2021-2022 academic year will see BPCC launch new initiatives aimed at 1) addressing talent development needs for our region’s employers; 2) delivering educational solutions that work for working adults; 3) expanding dual enrollment while helping more high school students earn college credentials; and 4) leveraging existing and new partnerships to ensure we are what our community needs us to be—a beacon of hope, opportunity, promise, and transformation.

Go Cavs!

Dr. Rick Bateman | Chancellor, Bossier Parish Community College

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