Wednesday, June 19, 2024

BP2W 2022: North Louisiana Economic Partnership

by BIZ Magazine

North Louisiana Economic Partnership (NLEP) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides a 14-parish region of North Louisiana with professional economic development services, including lead generation and prospect management. NLEP represents the region’s interests with a unified voice and as a single point of contact, operating as a catalyst, convener, and connector in the region to showcase North Louisiana’s economic development potential. Through the support of over 200 private and public investors, NLEP can pursue, promote, and produce economic growth and prosperity across North Louisiana.  NLEP’s strategic priorities include Business Development, Site Development, Workforce Initiatives and Advocacy.  NLEP has offices in Shreveport and Monroe and employees eight professionals with a variety of relevant backgrounds and certifications, making ours the economic development team to beat.

Over the last year, NLEP has seen an incredible number of successes led by staff. Our focus is to bring jobs and capital investments to northern Louisiana, and the staff has done a great job to secure over two thousand jobs and over 1.3 million in capital investment which took hard work on lengthy projects through the heavy stages of the pandemic. NLEP has seen a 40% increase in investor pledges over the last year. No staff were laid off during the pandemic.

Staff recently put together a new list of values that reflect how the team views NLEP and what everyone wants to stay focused on as an organization. 

Those values are: 

• Excellence in all things 

• Ethical behavior at all times 

• Respect for each other 

• Solutions-oriented attitudes 

• Diversity conscious 

• Teamwork gets it done 

• Collaborate internally and externally 

• Open to constructive criticism whether given or received 

• Kickassery in everything we do 

These values are proof that despite the NLEP staff being a mix of ages, experiences, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds – we are always working as one to revolutionize our region in the realm of economic development.

The cultural statement at NLEP is to create an environment that attracts and retains high-quality talent. This statement was created collectively by all eight of the current staff members. Upholding this focus has given NLEP a workplace culture of flexibility, trust, and collaboration. This allows our team to keep a person-first mindset and family approach toward each day. Every employee is given a seat at the table where their opinions and input are welcomed and respected. Team members are encouraged to further their talents through professional development, and they work hard each day to make NLEP a strong regional economic development organization (REDO). This REDO team is not all work and no play though. The workplace culture ensures that all are empowered and supported to thrive in every area of their day-to-day and with a staff of eight, everyone is energized to celebrate each other’s victories whether that be on the professional or personal side of life. NLEP has been fortunate to support employees as they serve the community, advance their schooling, get married, have babies, and much more.

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