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    BP2W 2022: Nelson and Hammons, APLC

    Pictured Left to Right: John David Person, Director of Operations; Cornell R. Flournoy, Attorney; Charlotte Huston, BIZ. Magazine; and William W. Murray, Jr., Attorney.

    Nelson and Hammons, APLC was formed in 1977 by Sydney B. Nelson and John L. Hammons.  Since 1980, the firm has been dedicated to investigating and handling meritorious medical malpractice claims.  

    Offices for Nelson and Hammons are located in Shreveport and Lafayette, Louisiana.  The main office is in downtown Shreveport in a historic, three-story building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The building was purchased by the founding partners and renovated but still retains its early 1900s charm.  

    What the employees have to say:


    “Nelson and Hammons is a wonderful place to work.  I have been an employee of the firm for 14 years.  Nelson and Hammons has a family culture and wants the best for their employees, helping them grow and advance in their respective roles.  I began working for the firm as a part-time runner while in college.  After college, I was offered a job to work in the accounting department and have progressed to my current position as director of operations.  Nelson and Hammons has supported and celebrated me through college exams and graduations, the marriage to my beautiful wife, and the birth of our two children.  I cannot imagine working anywhere else.” – John David Person, Director of Operations 

    “Nelson & Hammons places great value on its employees, and almost every employee has been at the firm for 10-20  years.  This is because everyone works to their strengths and is vital to the company’s success.  As employees, we know that our goal is to work for the greater mission and to be advocates for those who cannot advocate for themselves.  To reach that goal, we have to work hard, but we are also given the autonomy to take care of family needs, appointments, and personal time.  For this to work, you need trust, making Nelson & Hammons stand out above the rest.” -Angela Pellican, Legal Secretary

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