BP2W 2022: Dillas


Current Employees: 150

ABOUT: Dillas is approximately 8 years old with 7 locations. Its culture is enthusiastic with accountability and recognition. We hire all people that align with our brands core values. 

Benefits include paid time off, holidays and flexible schedules. Bonus/incentives include managers receiving a monthly bonus based on financial performance. Team and Managers receive tips as well. We have a team reward and recognition program called “Your a Big Dilla” program.

Dillas promotes health and exercise by being involved in our communities and promote our team to join us as we support 5k and other out of workplace events. Service initiatives includes building community through Primo quesadilla meals. Giving back to the community is not only something we encourage our team to support it is our core focus.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, not only did we follow all CDC guide lines we also devised a “safety” system that focused on the health and safety of our team and customers.

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