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    BP2W 2022: Citizens National Bank  


    Since opening in 1985, Citizens National Bank has grown to 12 locations spanning over 6 parishes in Louisiana.  We opened our Metairie Branch in 2021 and now looking forward to opening our second location in the Mandeville area.  

    Citizens National Bank believes in developing strong relationships with our employees and customers. Our core values of teamwork, responsibility, achieve results and commitment are reflected in everything thing we do as a bank.  By utilizing these values we have developed a culture within CNB that empowers our employees to serve the community with their talents.  The CNBe Community Employee Volunteer Program was created to strengthen our relationships with each other as well as with our community. Each CNB employees receive 4 hours a quarter to make a positive impact for the residents of Louisiana.  Our volunteer program is just one of the benefits that makes CNB a great place to work.

    As we grow in new markets, we are committed to cultivating new opportunities for our employees to better serve the community and our customers.  Citizens National Bank looks forward to building more lasting relationships in the upcoming years.


    What the employees say:

    “What I love about working for CNB…During the 11 years I have work for CNB they have encouraged and provided support in my continuing education.  Management pushes us to lean more, so we can excel in our profession. Also, we have an environment that promotes teamwork within different departments, which helps in keeping the communication lines open.  I feel fortunate to be a part of the CNB family.”- Cindy

    “I came to work at CNB after working at a smaller company with only 20 employees where teamwork was part of the culture.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how different departments work together as a team at CNB.  With many more departments and employees than my previous stop, teamwork was similarly part of the culture and seen throughout.  I appreciate that about CNB and enjoy working as part of that team.”- Clint

    “CNB is the best place to work because it’s like working with your family.  That same sentiment is extended to our customers every day in an exceptional way.  When you love what you do it’s so easy to share it with those that we are here to serve.” – Patty

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