Bossier Chamber hosts community focus group in Plain Dealing

Plain Dealing residents recently had a hand in deciding the future of their community with a focus group session on Feb. 21, 2023, at the Plain Dealing Community Center.

The event was hosted by the Bossier Chamber of Commerce to seek input from town residents on ways to improve the quality of life for residents, grow business/industry and to meet the needs required in order to promote that growth.

“As the parish continues to grow by leaps and bounds with housing, as well as new industry moving in, we see that growth trending north and we do not have any reason to believe it will not reach Plain Dealing,” said Lisa Johnson, president/CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce. “We are committed to helping any of our towns as well, as the parish as a whole, prepare for that continued growth so that we can make the best decisions for all involved.”

The session grouped residents to discuss set topics: education/workforce, health/wellness, recreation/things to do, downtown development, business/industry and physical environment.

The outcome of the focus groups will be to create a plan for the community to support this initiative and to take the steps necessary for improving the areas that Plain Dealing residents consider priorities for their town.

“The Bossier Chamber serves the entire parish of Bossier and has identified a need to work within the Plain Dealing community to help the residents and businesses there create a plan for a brighter future for the northern part of the parish,” said Jessica Hemingway, vice president of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce.

Hemingway, a certified Professional Community and Economic Developer, added,  “We know that hearing from the people within the community is the only way to help it grow and make strides for improvement.”

This gathering was the first of two focus groups to be hosted by the Bossier Chamber of Commerce. A second session will be hosted March 21 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

— Stacey Tinsley, BIZ. Magazine

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