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Anderson: Unearthing hidden gems by looking beyond resumes to find your stars

by BIZ Magazine

Like the stars that twinkle in the vast universe, every individual brings a unique shine to an organization. Each star’s brilliance is more than just their academic qualifications or job experience written on a resume – it’s their passions, their values, their soft skills, and their spirit of teamwork that truly light up an organization. Yet, so often we miss these stars as we merely skim through the resumes on our desks, mistaking the universe for a two-dimensional page. It’s time we looked up, it’s time we looked deeper.

The Illusion of Resumes

A resume is a facade, a highlight reel of a person’s career designed to impress the viewer. However, it often fails to paint a comprehensive picture of a candidate. While it lists the qualifications and job experience, it does not necessarily reflect the individual’s character, their ability to work with a team, or their fit with your company culture. A recent survey suggested that up to 85% of job applicants lie on their resumes to some degree, indicating the fallibility of this tool in accurately identifying potential stars.

Beyond the Cosmos of Resumes: Finding Your Stars

To discover the hidden talents within your reach, it’s essential to see beyond the illusion of resumes. Here are some strategies to guide your cosmic journey:

Behavioral Interviews: These types of interviews provide insight into a candidate’s past work behavior, offering a glimpse of their potential future performance. 

Assessment Tests: Cognitive or skill-based assessment tests can evaluate a candidate’s abilities more objectively, allowing their talents to truly shine through.

Reference Checks: Speaking with previous employers or colleagues can help you understand the candidate’s work ethic, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, giving you a glimpse into their constellation of abilities.

Cultural Fit Interviews: This type of interview will help determine whether a candidate’s values and beliefs align with the company’s culture – a key aspect in assessing their potential for brilliance within your organization.

Nurturing Your Stars: Keeping the Right People

Finding your stars is just the first step. The cosmos of a company truly shines when these stars are nurtured and retained. A few effective strategies include: 

Career Development Opportunities: Providing room for growth and development can make your stars feel valued and motivated, encouraging them to shine brighter.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits: A comprehensive benefits package signals that you value your employees’ contributions and are committed to their well-being.

Positive Work Environment: An atmosphere of open communication, recognition, and work-life balance fosters a nurturing environment for your stars to thrive.

Continuous Feedback: Regular check-ins and performance reviews help your stars understand their contributions to the company and provide an opportunity to discuss areas for improvement.

Resumes are merely a single star in the vast cosmos of talent acquisition. While they play a vital role in the hiring process, focusing solely on them can lead us to overlook potential stars who could light up our organizations. Adopting a more comprehensive approach and creating a nurturing environment will help you not only find these stars but also encourage them to shine their brightest for your company. Reach for the stars, and you might just change your world. 

Stephen Anderson, “The Profit Doctor”, has spent more than 35 years helping small and medium-sized businesses all over the country in a wide range of industries overcome the obstacles that affected their profits.

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