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Op-Ed: Gov. Newsom to replace Biden?

by BIZ Magazine

By William Haupt III | The Center Square

“I funded a $25 million program to feed, clothe and shelter migrants in my state because the federal government wasn’t giving us enough money to make them feel welcome here.” – Gavin Newsom

We’ve all been taken in by the “bait and switch” conman’s slight of hand on a street corner or at a carnival side show act. For most of us, the loss has been minimal. We lick our wounds and move on eagerly to the next “get rich quick schemer.” Gullibility is a human frailty that’s part of our DNA.

Progressives have mastered the art of bait and switch. They promise a new world order of anti-American idealism that caters to identity politics. Losing a few dollars to a sideshow barker is not the end of the world. But once you lose your country to “socialist conmen,” it is unduly lost forever.

The progressive playbook is filled with socialist methodology on selling a nation that is content with their government and society to trade liberty for progressivism. Their bible on bait and switch works by convincing social malcontents the benefits of socialism ameliorate the unfairness of democracy.

Progressives are as predictable as rain in Hawaii. They hate losing and have a hand-picked rabbit to pull out of the hat if they smell a loss. This rabbit is a leftist thoroughbred from a blue state who has been loyal to the party and has gone the extra mile to over promote every progressive cause.

When the Hur report stated 81-year-old Joe Biden was too senile to be tried for having classified material, he asked Biden to take a mental aptitude test. But he refused. After Biden proved that Hur was right during the first presidential debate, the DNC is considering a bait and switch as more progressives volunteer to replace Biden as the left’s presidential candidate next election.

“I know what the hell I’m doing. Ask anyone on my staff! I prove this everyday that I’m in office!” – Joe Biden

Polling shows 72% of voters think it’s time for Biden to drop out. And the DNC knows the unpopular Kamala Harris can’t win. So they’ve put Califoria Gov Gavin Newsom in their hat. Although Biden says he won’t drop out, the DNC could over-rule him and replace him with the ultra progressive Newsom.

In the last few decades, progressives have made strategic moves to take advantage of key GOP blunders and vastly improved their appeal to identity and special interest groups. With Susan Rice, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Janet Yellen calling the shots on the beltway, they’ve won more times than they’ve lost. Their move to resurrect the antique Joe Biden paid huge dividends.

Voters like presidents with experience as governors. It’s easy to postulate that past presidents who were governors were successful because they were forced to be bipartisan to manage their states. This could bode well for Newsom if voters don’t do their homework. In the last Pew Research study, most voters believe we are still a right of center nation with a pulsating independent party caucus.

After Obama’s eight year “change” reign, with Hillary Clinton eager to move our republic further left, voters turned to patriot Donald Trump to restore law and order to their nation. As promised, Trump had made “America great again” until COVID. Democrats said the pandemic was Donald Trump’s fault and told voters they’d drive their electric cars into their cities, and hamlets and rescue them.

“What separates winners from losers is how a person reacts to each twist of fate.” – Donald Trump

VP Harris, Biden’s heir apparent, proved identity politics handcuffs party decisions. The party that pompously puts identity politics ahead of merit wouldn’t lose the identity vote turning the gavel over to Newsom. He’d march in lock step with unpopular Biden and a less popular Harris’ leftist policies.

As an ultra progressive, Newsom is Biden’s most viable clone today and his most likely successor tomorrow. There are few high-profile extremist progressives with name recognition and a vault full of cash who’d check all the boxes who’d force the progressive agenda on America than Newsom.

Newsom continues to promote every ultra-left scheme. He just signed new limits on carry permits and doubled taxes on guns and ammo. Newsom and his attorney general, Rob Bonta, know once NRA lawsuits are filed, these laws will be struck down by the courts just as they did with those in New York. This is just another one trick pony spectacle by Newsom to showboat his national progressive footprint.

Newsom continues to sign morbid climate laws that challenge business, which drives commerce out of his state. One radical law requires owners to eliminate emissions from all workplaces. This includes the people, vehicles, and electrical devices that are used by employees who work there.

“I always act on what is best for California and believe that it’s best for America.” – Gavin Newsom

Upon signing laws mandating stores establish unisex bathrooms and children gender-neutral retail store sections, he said, “We need to stop stores from reinforcing outdated, gender stereotypes. We will continue to sign the most robust laws in the nation that protect our large LGBTQ+ community.”

Newsom just signed AB 223, the Transgender Youth Privacy Act. This law requires courts to seal petitions for sex change gender identifiers filed by minors to protect their privacy. Newsom believes this bill will prevent the online discovery of documents leading to harassment of minors seeking sex changes.

“Its time we protect people of all ages who wish to get a sex change.” – Gavin Newsom

From state-funded sex change operations, to business-killing climate laws, to doling out generous taxpayer dollars and benefits to illegal immigrants, to prejudicial identity politics, California is a progressive success story. It would be manna from heaven for progressives if Newsom became president.

Peggy Noonan, wrote, “Politicians from one-party states only speak party language to party folks.”

California Democrats don’t need depth of thought. They only need a knowledge of hot button party issues, and drive them in the state. There is never discussion on issues in a one-party state. It is the party’s way or no way, not the voters. If you don’t support every federal program, give tax money to illegal immigrants, cater to the LBGTQ lifestyle and pass business killing climate laws, you will never survive as a politician in California. The California dream has become America’s nightmare.

Newsom may not be on the 2024 ballot yet, but he is running for president. During his reelection campaign in 2022, he bought billboards in states with governors who might be his opponents in a future presidential race. He spent $10 million to support candidates in swing states to help him in a future primary contest. Newsom knows he might be a hard sell on the national stage but he is also aware progressives take care of their own. And they are masters of the art of bait and switch. They pulled Biden out of the hat to stop the Bernie Sanders express, and he could be the next savior for the left.

Gavin Newsom wants to be president so he can clone America into California.

“I won’t let the rest of this country drift into the abyss when we can make it as proficient as California.” – Gavin Newsom

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