Saturday, July 20, 2024

Royal Alexander: Biden’s New Executive Dis-Order Highlights Insanity of Border Invasion

The new executive order will essentially make no difference as it still allows up to 2,500 illegal aliens to invade the U.S. across our southern border every day.  There is also reliable evidence that the migrants are no longer coming from Central America, they’re coming from Egypt, Jordan, Mauritania, and Lebanon, and they are single men, not families.

Let’s briefly review the record of the Biden Administration regarding illegal immigration. 

The Biden Administration—from Pres. Biden’s very first day in the White House—has done everything it could to create the wide-open borders we have today.  Pres. Biden permitted and encouraged this invasion with its accompanying scourge of drugs—including fentanyl that kills Americans daily—crime, human and child trafficking, and terrorists who daily come over our southern (and increasingly, northern) border.  It’s estimated that at least 8 million illegals have come into our country during the Biden Administration.  The presence of these nameless, faceless people creates dangerous issues of security, health, and safety, while causing a humanitarian disaster to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars American taxpayers have been forced to bear.  

On a previous trip to the border, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Shreveport) noted with regard to Pres. Biden, “… it was on his very first day in office that President Biden stopped construction of a southern border wall, and he ended the Remain in Mexico policy.  It was estimated … that if the Biden Administration would reinstate just the Remain in Mexico policy, it could stem the flow of illegals by probably 70 percent or more, but he refuses to do it.”

I have previously noted that this invasion has overwhelmed border towns and states, prompting Texas governor, Greg Abbot, and Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, to actively bus or fly these illegals to “sanctuary cities” in heavily liberal states.  In fact, most of the liberal “blue” states in America have had no real issue with the Biden Administration’s “open borders” policy.  It’s been considered “racist” and “bigoted” to want to place any limitations on illegals.  However, as a consequence of the transporting of these illegals to liberal states and cities, the illegal immigration plague has now descended upon cities—like Chicago, Denver, and New York—and they are clamoring for relief.   What hypocrisy.  

Well, with national polls reflecting Pres. Trump leading—with the illegal invasion of our southern border the top issue to voters—Biden suddenly seems aware that there is a problem.  How can we tell?  Because just this past week he signed the aforementioned executive order (remember Biden insisting he didn’t have the authority to do this?) which requires asylum seekers to wait south of the border.  

Why would he do this right now, after 3.5 years of treasonous neglect of America’s borders?  Because he is scheduled to debate Pres. Trump at the end of June, and he will seek to dishonestly claim that he is “doing something” about the border crisis. 

So, what does this new executive order actually do to curb illegal immigration?  Not much.

As the Wall Street Journal has stated “migrants could still seek asylum at ports of entry using the CBP One mobile app, which would be excluded from the daily triggers.”  A further form of deceitfulness includes the fact that “the order also exempts migrants if they ‘faced an imminent and extreme threat to life or safety, such as an imminent threat of rape, kidnapping, torture, or murder.’ 

The order also exempts any individual or family member who suffers an “acute medical emergency,” or who meets the definition of “victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons.”  Still further, unaccompanied minors aren’t covered by the order, encouraging more of them to seek asylum. (WSJ, June 4, 2024).

Do we see how many holes (i.e., exceptions) there are in this order that will continue to allow illegal immigration? In the law we describe this as “the exception swallowing the rule.”

No nation is a sovereign that cannot, or won’t, control its own borders and know and decide who is allowed into its country. As President Trump has pointed out, ‘a country without borders isn’t a country at all.’   That inviolable principle has been embedded in the history and survival of nations from time immemorial.  The Biden Administration’s targeted and purposeful neglect in addressing this invasion continues to endanger our nation.

This must end and I am prayerfully hopeful that our four-year national nightmare will end on Nov. 5.

Shreveport attorney, Royal Alexander, worked in D.C. in the U.S. House of Representatives for nearly 8 years for two different Members of Congress from Louisiana. 

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