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Louisiana Residents Voice Concerns in 2024 Survey, Highlighting Crime and State Direction

by BIZ Magazine

Baton Rouge, LA — The latest findings from the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs at the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication reveal a continued perception among Louisiana residents that the state is on the wrong track. The 2024 Louisiana Survey, which sampled over 1,000 adults both via telephone and online, indicates persistent concerns about state issues, particularly crime, while showing a modest improvement in economic sentiment and confidence in state government.

Survey Highlights

  • State Direction: A significant 61% of Louisiana residents believe the state is heading in the wrong direction. This marks the third consecutive year where pessimistic views have outweighed optimistic ones by at least 30 percentage points.
  • Crime Concerns: Crime has emerged as the top concern, with 28% of respondents identifying it as the most pressing issue for the state government, up from 19% the previous year.
  • Government Confidence: While only 36% of residents express confidence in the state government’s ability to address their concerns effectively, this figure represents an eight-point increase from last year and an 11-point rise from 2022.
  • Economic Sentiment: The state index of consumer sentiment has improved to 57.8, up from 53.5 last year and 50.3 in 2022, suggesting a less pessimistic outlook on personal financial situations and the state economy.

Mixed Evaluations of State Services

Despite the general dissatisfaction with the state’s direction, Louisiana residents expressed high regard for their local neighborhoods and the state’s public colleges and universities. However, they were less positive about other aspects:

  • Coastal Protection and Environment: There is notable concern regarding the state’s coastal protection and restoration efforts, as well as the overall quality of the environment.
  • Healthcare and Living Quality: The quality of healthcare and the state as a place to live received lower evaluations from the respondents.
  • Public Services: Public K-12 schools, state economic development efforts, and infrastructure were particularly criticized.

Longitudinal Insights

The Louisiana Survey, conducted annually since 2003, provides valuable longitudinal data on public opinion in Louisiana. It serves as a barometer for residents’ views on state government services and contemporary policy issues. The 2024 survey underscores ongoing challenges while highlighting areas where perceptions are improving.

Expert Commentary

Dr. Michael Henderson, director of the Louisiana Survey, emphasized the significance of these findings in understanding public sentiment. “The data reflect both persistent concerns and areas of gradual improvement. It’s crucial for policymakers to address these issues comprehensively,” Henderson noted.


As Louisiana grapples with public dissatisfaction and specific issues like crime, the modest improvements in economic sentiment and government confidence offer some optimism. The 2024 Louisiana Survey continues to serve as a critical tool for gauging public opinion and guiding state policies.

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