Thursday, July 18, 2024

Royal Alexander: Trump Undaunted as Convictions Corrupt Guarantee of Equal Justice Under Law

by BIZ Magazine

I have believed the lawfare abuse of Pres. Trump with all of these concocted court cases and made-up charges would backfire.  It has, but in a way I had not anticipated.

As we know, Trump was just convicted on 34 counts of allegedly falsifying records from eight years ago in a trial that was held in Manhattan, the most anti-Trump venue in America, where 86 percent of its population voted for Biden in 2020.

The trial record is drowning in egregious reversible error for appeal.  The trial was conducted by a judge who has donated to both Biden and to a Stop Trump, Stop Republican organization; and whose wife worked for Latetia James, the Trump-hating AG of New York, and whose daughter has made over $100 million off the trial on behalf of Democrat officeholders and candidates. 

This corrupt, conflicted judge also forced a gag order on Trump so that he couldn’t use his constitutional right to speak out against the charges when the prosecution’s lead witnesses were savaging him each day.

The judge allowed mountains of prejudicial and irrelevant evidence to be considered by the jury and disallowed from testifying critical witnesses who possessed evidence exonerating Trump.  The prosecution’s “star’ witness against Trump—Michael Cohen—is a convicted perjurer who admitted to lying to Congress and who also lied, and admitted to lying, on the stand during the trial against Trump.  He also admitted to stealing money from Trump.

Trump wasn’t even provided notice of what the underlying federal law violation was until the closing statement of the prosecution, to which Trump’s lawyers weren’t even allowed to respond before the case went to the jury!   Talk about legal Fascism!

But even during this show trial, which would make Joseph Stalin proud—”show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime”—Trump has been creative and successful in continuing his campaign.

While handcuffed to the courtroom in New York City he has been campaigning in the city and recently spoke at a gathering in the Bronx.

The 15-20,000 at the Bronx rally were not typical Republicans—in fact, many were not Republicans at all.

Why would a crowd of primarily people of color attend a Trump rally so visibly and energetically?

I can do no better than Trump’s own words as he addressed the crowd:

 “It doesn’t matter whether you’re Black, or Brown, or White or whatever the hell color you are, it doesn’t matter.  We are all Americans and we’re going to pull together as Americans.” 

In his typically blunt but unmistakable manner he endorsed what I believe most Americans aspire to:  a truly colorblind—race and gender-neutral—America.

What brought them there for Trump?

“High inflation. Falling real wages.  A wide-open southern border—where roughly 10 million Biden illegals have taken jobs from native Americans and slashed wages for ordinary homegrown working folks who show up every day, do their jobs, pay their taxes and now realize Biden policies have mangled the American dream.  (L. Kudlow, FOX, May 24, 2024).

Trump again in the Bronx:

“We’re going to throw out Bidenomics, then going to replace it with MAGAnomics — I will give you low taxes, low inflation, low interest rates, rising wages, growing incomes and fair trade for the American worker and we will make energy affordable again by saying, ‘Drill, baby, drill.’”

Let’s contrast Trump’s positive and inclusive message with that of Pres. Biden.

Last weekend, Biden gave a speech “about fear, racism, Jim Crow, and victimization to a graduating class at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA— one of America’s best schools whose graduates typically earn far more starting salaries than the national average.” (Kudlow, FOX).  

Did Biden talk about hope? No. Did he talk about opportunity? No. Did he talk about the American dream? No. He gave a typical, far-left, racialized, fearmongering, condescending statement that basically said to this historical Black men’s college: “You’re not going to succeed.” (Kudlow).  Several graduates turned their backs on Biden as he spoke.

Trump is not a politician.  He didn’t dream of being president.  He dreamed of being a billionaire.  Now, when he says the system is rigged against the average American because he himself took advantage of it, he is credible and believable.

This has the makings of a broader, more diverse coalition than Pres. Trump had before.  Americans have a Biden record and Trump record to compare; they see a very clear distinction and they are choosing Trump.

Shreveport attorney, Royal Alexander, worked in D.C. in the U.S. House of Representatives for nearly 8 years for two different Members of Congress from Louisiana. 

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