Wednesday, June 19, 2024

CHRISTUS Health Team Embarks on Surgical Mission to Honduras

by BIZ Magazine

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana – A dedicated team from CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center is set to extend their healing mission to Honduras this week. Led by Dr. James Barnes, a general and bariatric surgeon and the chief of staff at CHRISTUS Highland, the team will embark on a nine-day surgical mission trip to the town of Guaimaca.

Dr. Barnes is joined by registered nurses Pam Clapp and Vickie Colvin, along with certified scrub technician Atalyn Nix. This cohesive group, which regularly works together at CHRISTUS Highland, aims to bring their well-honed synergy to the mission.

“I’m bringing my operating team from Highland down there,” Barnes said. “It’s my regular team that I have in my room every day, which makes a huge difference. They can get everything set up and organized the way we like to do things.”

The team will be stationed at a large compound in Guaimaca, which houses a church and a small clinic/hospital. Equipped to perform laparoscopic surgeries, the mission will primarily focus on general surgical procedures such as gallbladder removals and hernia repairs.

The mission begins with a comprehensive assessment on the first day, during which the team will evaluate approximately 20-25 patients.

“Usually it’s about 20-25 patients,” Barnes explained. “So, we’ll see them on the first day and figure out what we’re doing and talk to the patient about what’s happening.”

Following these initial consultations, the surgeries will be scheduled over the next four to five days. Patients typically return for their operations and most are able to go home the same day.

“They’re just so grateful and appreciative to get some relief,” Barnes said, reflecting on the impact of their work.

This mission is part of CHRISTUS Health’s broader commitment to extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, reaching beyond local communities to provide critical medical care to underserved populations.

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