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North Louisiana Gears Up for 11th Annual Give For Good

by BIZ Magazine

Shreveport, Louisiana – On May 7, the Community Foundation of North Louisiana (CFNLA) will spearhead the 11th Annual Give For Good, a day dedicated to philanthropy and community support. This event brings together 227 area nonprofits for North Louisiana’s largest day of giving, aiming to surpass previous fundraising milestones.

Since its inception in 2014, Give For Good has been instrumental in raising over $19 million in critical funding for local nonprofits. Last year alone, the event shattered records by raising $2.75 million, demonstrating the generous spirit and commitment of the community to support vital services.

For the 2024 edition of Give For Good, CFNLA is pulling out all the stops to ensure an even greater impact. There are several ways individuals and businesses can contribute and make a difference:

1. Engage Your Business with a Customized Giving Page

CFNLA recognizes the importance of businesses in driving community impact. To make philanthropy accessible and enjoyable, CFNLA offers Group Giving, a platform designed to assist businesses of all sizes in facilitating employee, client, and stakeholder engagement during Give For Good. CFNLA will even handle the customization of giving pages, streamlining the process for busy business owners.

2. Encourage Giving with a Matching Gift Challenge

Individuals passionate about specific causes can amplify their impact by offering matching gifts, effectively doubling the donations received by nonprofits. CFNLA encourages donors to reach out to their favorite organizations and explore opportunities to become matching donors for Give For Good Day. Interested parties can also contact Amanda Felan at [email protected] for additional information.

Photo Courtesy of Community Foundation

3. Give With No Fees Through a Donor Advised Fund

For those considering significant contributions of $5,000 or more during Give For Good, CFNLA suggests opening a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Donations made through DAFs are exempt from online processing fees and are matched pro rata by the bonus dollars in the Lagniappe Fund. DAFs offer flexibility in charitable giving, allowing donors to grant funds to qualified charities both during Give For Good and throughout the year.

Existing DAF holders at CFNLA are encouraged to complete the DAF Grant Suggestion Form by May 6 to facilitate Give For Good grants.

The 11th Annual Give For Good promises to be a transformative event, bringing together the community to support organizations that play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life in North Louisiana.

For more information on participating in Give For Good or to explore donation options, individuals can visit the CFNLA website or contact Kristi via email.

Stay tuned for updates and highlights as North Louisiana rallies behind Give For Good, making a lasting impact on the region’s nonprofit sector and the communities they serve.

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