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Landry Applauds Modernization Legislation for Louisiana’s Energy and Natural Resources

by BIZ Magazine

Baton Rouge, LA – Governor Jeff Landry has commended Representative Bret Geymann and other stakeholders for their collaborative efforts in crafting legislation aimed at modernizing the Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources (DENR) and enhancing the Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority Board (CPRA). This significant legislative endeavor is set to revolutionize the management of the state’s natural resources and bolster Louisiana’s position as a leader in energy production.

Governor Landry’s administration has been steadfast in its commitment to reforming state government to better serve the needs of Louisiana and its residents. Recognizing the importance of responsive governance and efficient processes, Governor Landry has worked closely with DENR to identify areas for improvement and integration of best practices across the administration.

Representative Geymann introduced House Bill 806 and House Bill 810 last week, aiming to kickstart the modernization process. These bills are poised to update DENR’s statutory framework to align with the evolving needs of Louisiana’s energy industry while promoting growth within the department by establishing or integrating various offices under DENR.

One of the key components of the proposed legislation is the creation of the Natural Resources Trust Authority (NRTA), which will address financial challenges facing the energy industry and oversee funding for natural resources-related projects. Additionally, the bills will consolidate regulatory enforcement activities under the Office of Enforcement and streamline processes related to energy permitting and development through the Office of Energy.

Governor Landry hailed the bipartisan support for the bills, emphasizing their importance in advancing Louisiana’s energy and environmental goals. “These bills signal a new day for Louisiana—one where government is better aligned and works more efficiently and effectively for the people of Louisiana,” stated Governor Landry.

LDNR Secretary Tyler Gray echoed Governor Landry’s sentiments, highlighting the bills’ holistic approach to addressing the state’s challenges and promoting sustainable energy development and environmental conservation.

Chairman Gordon E. Dove of CPRA and Executive Director Glenn Ledet, Jr., expressed their commitment to working collaboratively towards enhancing Louisiana’s coastal protection and restoration efforts.

The proposed legislation has garnered widespread support from various stakeholders, including Commissioner of Conservation Ben Bienvenu, Commissioner of Administration Taylor Barras, and Colonel Robert P. Hodges.

Representative Bret Geymann underscored the bills’ comprehensive impact on Louisiana’s energy and environmental landscape, emphasizing their role in fostering innovation, investment, and environmental stewardship.

“We are excited to be part of an effort aimed at improving coordination and efficiencies on energy and natural resource matters in Louisiana,” said the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinators Office, reflecting the collective enthusiasm for the proposed legislation.

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