Thursday, April 18, 2024

NSU Foundation Achieves Record Fundraising and Endowment Growth

by BIZ Magazine

The Northwestern State University (NSU) Foundation has reported remarkable success in fundraising and endowment performance for the year 2023, setting new benchmarks for private contributions and portfolio growth.

In 2023, the NSU Foundation secured over $7 million in private contributions, surpassing the previous year’s total by over $2 million. This achievement marks the third consecutive year of increasing contributions, highlighting the Foundation’s sustained momentum in garnering support from donors.

Moreover, the Foundation announced record endowment returns and growth in 2023, surpassing both state and national averages. A comprehensive analysis conducted by Clearview Fiduciary Alliance ranked the NSU Foundation in the top quartile compared to peer educational institutions nationwide, with an impressive return of 16 percent. This exceptional performance contributed to an overall growth of the endowment portfolio, which outpaced the average growth of similar institutions in Louisiana and nationwide.

Drake Owens, Executive Director of the NSU Foundation, attributed this success to the collaborative efforts of donors, staff, and volunteers, as well as the Foundation’s proactive approach in forging partnerships with businesses, industries, and organizations committed to education and economic development.

“The NSU Foundation’s record-breaking year in fundraising and endowment performance is a testament to the unwavering support of our donors and the dedication of our team,” said Owens.

NSU President Marcus Jones expressed his gratitude for the generous support from donors, acknowledging the pivotal role played by the Office of Development in securing private funds for the university.

Jill Bankston, Director of the Office of Development, emphasized the commitment of donors to investing in NSU’s future and expressed confidence in the institution’s continued growth and success.

The impact of the NSU Foundation’s achievements extends beyond the university campus, contributing significantly to the economic vitality of northwest and central Louisiana. A recent economic impact study revealed that NSU’s contributions to the region’s economy amounted to nearly $520 million and supported the creation of over 7,200 jobs.

Looking ahead, Owens expressed optimism about the Foundation’s prospects for continued success in 2024, citing positive trends in fundraising and endowment growth. To further support its mission, the NSU Foundation will host the annual Flavor of Louisiana event on March 15, a celebration of spring and Louisiana cuisine, with proceeds dedicated to student scholarships, faculty development, and academic enhancements.

For those interested in attending the Flavor of Louisiana event or learning more about the NSU Foundation’s initiatives, tickets and additional information are available at

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