Monday, July 15, 2024

Speaker Johnson Responds to Biden State of the Union Address: ‘We will not be passive bystanders to America’s decline’

by BIZ Magazine

In the wake of President Biden’s State of the Union address, Speaker Mike Johnson delivered a pointed response, highlighting concerns over the border crisis, economic challenges, and rising crime rates across the nation, including Louisiana.

During his address, Speaker Johnson emphasized the disparity between his perspective and that of President Biden on the current state of the nation. He expressed gratitude for the President’s optimism but underscored the failures of the administration’s policies.

“President Biden and I have a decidedly different view of the present state of our union. While I appreciate his optimism tonight, no amount of flowery prose or aspirational promises can mask the failures of his time in office,” Speaker Johnson remarked.

Drawing attention to the ongoing border crisis, Speaker Johnson noted its far-reaching impact, turning every state into a border state. He highlighted the strain on local resources, with cities like Shreveport grappling with the repercussions despite being far from the border.

“Our wide-open border has turned every state into a border state. Ask any local police officer or sheriff. Cities like Shreveport and so many others – hundreds of miles away from any port of entry – have been forced to expend local resources to deal with this crisis,” Speaker Johnson stated.

Addressing economic woes, Speaker Johnson pointed to the staggering national debt, which has surged past $34 trillion under the Biden administration. He criticized the administration’s spending spree, accompanied by tax hikes, leading to increased costs for Americans and diminishing purchasing power.

“Despite his rose-colored depiction of our economy, prices are up, purchasing power is down, and home ownership has become increasingly out of reach for most Americans,” Speaker Johnson lamented.

Furthermore, Speaker Johnson expressed concerns over policies like the national LNG export pause, citing their adverse effects on Louisiana’s families and vital industries.

Turning to the issue of crime, Speaker Johnson highlighted Louisiana’s ranking with three cities among the top 10 in violent crime, attributing it to what he termed “soft on crime policies.”

“Thankfully, newly-elected Governor Jeff Landry made this issue a hallmark of his campaign and the Legislature has already acted swiftly to pass policies that will empower prosecutors, deter crime, and make our streets more safe,” Speaker Johnson commended.

Concluding his remarks, Speaker Johnson affirmed a commitment to charting a different course, one that acknowledges and protects America’s unique values and ideals.

“The state of our union is in chaos, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If we lead with conviction, transparency, and common sense, we can reverse this decline and usher in a new era of American greatness. And we will,” Speaker Johnson asserted.

In his closing, Speaker Johnson invoked blessings upon Louisiana and the nation, pledging not to be mere observers but active participants in shaping America’s future.

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