Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Louisiana State Police Announces New Troop Commanders and Command Inspectors

by BIZ Magazine

Louisiana State Police Superintendent Colonel Robert P. Hodges has appointed several new Region Majors (Command Inspectors) and Troop Commanders across the state, marking a significant shift in leadership within the agency.

The promotional process, overseen by Colonel Hodges, involved evaluating officers based on their skills, experience, and performance. The selected individuals demonstrate strong leadership qualities and align with the shared vision for the state, as articulated by Governor Landry and Colonel Hodges: “One Team, One Dream, One Louisiana.”

Among the notable appointments are the new Troop Commanders:

  • Captain George “Trey” F. Strickland III assumes the role of Troop G Commander in Bossier City.

These commanders will oversee the operational activities within their respective troops, ensuring the safety and security of communities across Louisiana.

Additionally, the following officers have been appointed as Region Majors (Command Inspectors):

  • Major Michael Mayeux has been named Region III Command Inspector, responsible for overseeing Troop G among others.

These command inspectors will provide strategic leadership and guidance to multiple troops within their designated regions.

The Louisiana State Police and the Department of Public Safety family extend their congratulations to each of the newly promoted officers. Their dedication and commitment to serving the state will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of the agency.

For further information on the Louisiana State Police leadership structure and troop locations, please visit LSP Leadership Sections and Troop Information.

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