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Specht: Is Trader Joe’s Eyeing Northwest Louisiana for Expansion?

by David Specht

Back in 2014, as I sat in then City of Bossier City Attorney Jimmy Hall’s office, the vision for the East Bank District began to take shape. Among the ambitious plans discussed was the desire to attract a Trader Joe’s to the area. Fast forward to today, and while Trader Joe’s hasn’t made its mark yet, recent developments suggest that it could be on the horizon for Northwest Louisiana.

Shreveport celebrated a significant milestone with the opening of a Whole Foods Market, showcasing the city’s growing appeal to upscale grocery chains. Additionally, the arrival of Aldi, first in Shreveport and now in Bossier City at the former Bed, Bath & Beyond location, adds another layer to the region’s grocery landscape.


There’s been speculation about a potential connection between Aldi and Trader Joe’s, but the truth is more nuanced. While Aldi Nord, a branch of the Aldi group, oversees Trader Joe’s operations in the United States, they function independently from the larger group. Nevertheless, this connection, however indirect, fuels the speculation that Trader Joe’s might be considering Northwest Louisiana for expansion.

Insights from Jeff Campbell, the University of South Carolina’s department of retailing chair, shed light on Trader Joe’s meticulous approach to selecting new locations. In an article by the Post & Courier, Campbell explained that grocery chains like Trader Joe’s prioritize strategic considerations such as projected foot traffic, demographics, transportation routes, and competitor presence when scouting potential sites. He stated, “Typically, they would use a variety of metrics in site selection, and while location is still an important consideration, they’ll look at things like projected foot traffic, the demographics of the area, where the current transportation routes are, where competitors are located.”

Interestingly, individuals can play a role in influencing Trader Joe’s expansion decisions by submitting requests for stores in their cities. According to Nakia Rohde, a spokesperson for Trader Joe’s, the company receives countless requests for stores nationwide, indicating a strong demand and interest in their unique offerings.

While there’s no confirmation yet on Trader Joe’s plans for Northwest Louisiana, the signs are promising. As our region continues to attract attention from major retailers and undergoes urban revitalization efforts, the prospect of welcoming a Trader Joe’s to our community seems increasingly plausible.

In the meantime, residents can continue to voice their enthusiasm and support for Trader Joe’s, demonstrating the vibrant consumer base and potential market opportunity that exists in Northwest Louisiana. With patience and persistence, we may just see Trader Joe’s become the next exciting addition to our local retail landscape.

David Specht is president of Specht Newspapers, Inc., and publisher of BIZ. Magazine.

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