Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Louisiana Treasurer Fleming Backs Gov. Landry’s Move to Deploy National Guard Troops to Texas Border

by BIZ Magazine

Louisiana Treasurer John Fleming, MD, has thrown his support behind Governor Jeff Landry’s decision to deploy Louisiana National Guard troops to the Mexican border, echoing sentiments expressed by Governor Greg Abbott of Texas.

Fleming emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “It is a critical time in American history. The invasion by millions of illegal aliens threatens to overwhelm us. It will ultimately destroy this country if it is not stopped immediately.”

Governor Abbott’s proactive measures to address border security have garnered praise, with Fleming expressing disappointment in President Biden’s handling of the issue. “It is a shame that a governor has to do the job that President Biden refuses to do,” Fleming remarked.

Highlighting the significance of securing the nation’s borders, Fleming emphasized the indispensable role of state governors in safeguarding their respective territories. He stressed, “A country without borders is no country at all, and it cannot long exist. Governors have no choice but to stand with Gov. Abbott at this critical juncture in time.”

Addressing concerns about the financial implications of deploying troops, Fleming asserted that the cost is justified considering the potential consequences of unchecked immigration. “The cost of losing our country would be incalculable,” he warned.

Fleming also underscored the economic burden placed on taxpayers by illegal immigration, emphasizing that Louisiana cannot afford to bear the costs associated with accommodating undocumented immigrants.

“As treasurer, I have the responsibility of spending only as established by law and within the funds available, and I can assure you that there is no money or legal basis for taking on this extra burden,” Fleming affirmed.

In closing, Fleming expressed gratitude for Governor Landry’s resolute stance on border security, pledging support for efforts to enforce immigration laws and protect the nation’s borders.

“We stand with him and Louisiana’s other elected officials in demanding that President Biden enforce America’s immigration laws, and that, short of that, our states do everything we can to fill in the gap,” Fleming concluded.

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