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Louisiana Haywire: A Melodic Journey into Northwest Louisiana’s Musical Legacy

by BIZ Magazine

As Louisiana embraces the 2024 “Year of Music,” a new radio show titled “Louisiana Haywire” is set to captivate audiences with the rich musical history of Northwest Louisiana. The program, a significant part of the state’s celebrations, is slated to premiere on Red River Public Radio (FM 89.9) on Friday, January 26, at 6:30 p.m.

Declared by Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, the “Year of Music” recognizes the state’s profound influence on the nation’s musical landscape. “Louisiana Haywire,” a Shreveport-based radio show, is poised to be a fitting tribute to the diverse musical heritage of Northwest Louisiana.

Hosted by local musicians Dan Garner and Winston Hall, the seven-episode series promises an immersive experience, exploring songs originally performed or written in the region. Classics like “Suzy Q,” “Hey Mama,” “Cotton Fields,” and more will echo through the airwaves, offering a nostalgic journey through the melodies that shaped Northwest Louisiana’s musical identity.

The show’s hosts, Garner and Hall, not only bring their hosting prowess but also their musical expertise, adding a personal touch to the series. Garner and Hall are respected musicians in the area, ensuring an authentic and heartfelt exploration of the region’s musical roots.

In addition to musical showcases, “Louisiana Haywire” will feature interviews with notable figures in the Louisiana music scene, providing listeners with insights into the state’s musical history. Some featured interviews include:

  • Estelle Brown: The last member of the “Sweet Inspirations,” Elvis Presley’s backup singers from 1969-1977.
  • TJ Mandina: A local bass guitarist who played a pivotal role in the creation of the song “Suzy Q.”
  • Chris Brown: Centenary College archivist and radio music show host with an extensive collection of Shreveport-related music.
  • Alton Warwick: Music enthusiast and co-founder of the Foundation for the Arts, Music and Entertainment of Shreveport-Bossier.
  • Robin Vosbury: A local guitarist and country music enthusiast with a family legacy in country music.
  • Robert Trudeau: A Huddie “Lead Belly” aficionado, music columnist, and retired history teacher.

The series, not confined to the airwaves, will also be available as a podcast, allowing audiences to access it on various digital platforms.

“Louisiana Haywire” is not just a radio show; it’s a celebration of the melodies, stories, and personalities that have woven Northwest Louisiana into the fabric of American music. For more information and updates, visit the Louisiana Haywire Facebook page.

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