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Alexander: Johnson visit illustrates size of crisis at southern border

by BIZ Magazine

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Shreveport-LA) and numerous other House Republicans recently traveled to the Texas border town of Eagle Pass, at which border patrol officials record more than 4,000 contacts with illegal immigrants daily.  The Johnson visit highlights our nation’s insanely dysfunctional immigration system which, it is estimated, has allowed more than 6.5 million people to cross our southern border illegally in the past three years and up to 12,000 people who illegally enter the United States every day.  (Customs and Border Protection data).

As I have recounted previously, this invasion has overwhelmed the capacity of border towns and states, prompting Texas governor, Greg Abbot, and Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, to begin busing or flying these illegals to “sanctuary cities” in heavily blue states and blue cities.  In fact, most of the liberal “blue” states in America have had no real issue with the Biden Administration’s “open borders” policy.  In fact, it’s been considered “racist” and “bigoted” to want to place any limitations on who could steal their way into our country.

Well, as a consequence of the transporting of these illegals, the illegal immigration plague has descended upon these liberal cities—like Chicago, Denver and New York—and they are clamoring for relief.   What hypocrisy.  Abbot has vowed to continue sending illegals to these cities to lessen the burden on actual border towns and states and so these liberal enclaves will know what it feels like to be a “border town.”

Speaker Johnson stated with regard to President Biden, “it was on his very first day in office that President Biden stopped construction of a southern border wall, and he ended the Remain in Mexico policy.  It was estimated … that if the Biden Administration would reinstate just the Remain in Mexico policy, it could stem the flow by probably 70 percent or more, but he refuses to do it.”

If the whole situation were not such a dangerous and tragic one, it would be hard not to say “I told you so” to these American “sanctuary cities” who have ignored federal immigration law for years and done everything possible to impede law enforcement from apprehending and deporting illegals. 

For these reasons, Speaker Johnson has unequivocally called on the president to “take immediate executive action, including putting an end to the ‘catch and release’ policy and either deporting or detaining those crossing the border illegally,” reinstating the Remain in Mexico policy instituted during the Trump administration, and resuming construction of the border wall.

Governor Abbot has described as “pathetic” the response of Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alexandra Mayorkas, after Mayorkas blamed the immigration crisis on “climate change,” among other things. “Climate change? Mayorkas is pathetic,” Abbot stated, “The REAL reason illegal immigration records are being set is because Biden refuses to enforce immigration laws.”

The extraordinary scope of the invasion of our southern border doesn’t even address the “169 individuals on the terror watch list that have been detained at the border so far this year … this represents a 10-fold increase from FY 2021.” (U.S. Senator S. M. Capito).

And the number of terrorists caught and detained on the border requires an answer to the question: How many terrorists have succeeded in crossing our border into the US?  If even a few terrorists have crossed the border without being caught, great harm can result to our nation. We must remember that only 19 terrorists illegally in our country caused the tragedy of September 11th and the deaths of 3,000 innocent American citizens. 

Recall the unrelenting efforts of the Trump Administration to suppress and turn back the tide of illegals of every kind.  Please know that we are long past talking about citizens from all over the world who are coming to America to work, seeking a better life.  We are now having transported into our country illegally massive quantities of drugs (including fentanyl which is killing Americans every day and roughly 100,000 each year), human and child trafficking, violent criminals, terrorists, and everything in between.

This is the point: one of the constitutional powers that actually is directly granted to the federal government is the solemn obligation to secure our borders and defend them against invasion.  The Biden Administration is, by design, abjectly failing at this responsibility.

As President Trump has said, “If you don’t have borders then you don’t have a country.”

This. Must. Stop. Now.

Shreveport attorney, Royal Alexander, worked in D.C. in the U.S. House of Representatives for nearly 8 years for two different Members of Congress from Louisiana. 

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