Thursday, April 18, 2024

Johnson, Republicans visit southern border, take aim at Biden, Dems

by BIZ Magazine

EAGLE PASS, Texas — In a significant display of concern over the escalating crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, a Republican representing Louisiana, led a delegation of 64 House Republicans to Eagle Pass, Texas. The purpose of their visit was to witness firsthand the challenges faced by communities and law enforcement agencies due to the surge in illegal immigration.

Addressing the media in a press conference following their visit, Speaker Johnson emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “Today, we got a firsthand look at the damage and the chaos the border catastrophe is causing in all our communities. The situation here and across the country is truly unconscionable. We would describe it as both heartbreaking and infuriating.”

The delegation’s tour included meetings with local residents, sheriffs, and the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as a visit to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing facility in Eagle Pass. Speaker Johnson painted a dire picture, asserting that America is at a breaking point with record levels of illegal immigration.

Highlighting alarming statistics, Johnson stated, “In less than three years since President Biden took office, we have over 7 million illegal encounters at the border. Nearly 2 million known got-aways and that doesn’t count the many that are undetected, the 312 suspects on the terrorist watchlist that have never been apprehended.”

The Speaker attributed the crisis to the Biden Administration’s policy decisions, asserting that President Biden dismantled years of progress in a matter of months. “Some of the first actions that Joe Biden took when he rolled into the Oval Office were to roll back border security measures put in place by the Trump Administration,” Johnson remarked.

Johnson highlighted specific policy decisions, stating, “It was estimated on our tour just a moment ago, that if the Biden Administration would reinstate just the Remain in Mexico policy, it could stem the flow by probably 70% or more, but he refuses to do it.”

The House Republicans urged immediate action from the President, with Johnson stating, “This doesn’t require legislation. It requires leadership. And despite the White House’s claim, he has all the authority he needs right now under existing federal law to stop this madness.”

The Speaker criticized the administration’s response, accusing it of attacking elected officials trying to address the crisis. He commended efforts by individual states, particularly Texas, to enforce border security, highlighting Governor Abbott’s actions. However, Johnson criticized the administration’s legal response, saying, “How has this administration responded? They have sued the state of Texas to stop their deterrence efforts. It’s absolute insanity.”

The press conference concluded with a call to action, with Johnson stating, “The House has done its job. As I mentioned, we’ve delivered commonsense legislation that will secure our border, but it’s been sitting on Chuck Schumer’s desk for seven months.”

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