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LWCC raises more than $50,000 for Kids’ Chance Scholarship Program

by BIZ Magazine

BATON ROUGE – Together with its agent and business partners, LWCC donated $50,500 to the Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) Kids’ Chance Scholarship Program, during LWCC’s annual Speaker Series, featuring bestselling author Ryan Holiday.

The Kids’ Chance Scholarship Program provides higher education scholarships to dependent children of Louisiana workers who were killed or permanently disabled as the result of a workplace accident. Since 2004, the program, which is administered by the LBF, has awarded 337 scholarships totaling over $863,000 to help students attend a school of their choice.

“We’re delighted to make this donation to Kids’ Chance, which has helped so many young Louisianans access higher education,” said Kristin Wall, LWCC President and CEO. “Our promise is to be there for Louisiana workers, providing the best possible care when they need it most. This partnership allows us to extend that reach to also support the children of those affected by a workplace accident throughout their learning journey.”

At the event, Wall presented the check to the Honorable John C. Davidson, (Ret.), Vice President of the Louisiana Bar Foundation, Laura Sewell, Acting Executive Director of the Louisiana Bar Foundation, and Derrek Trouard, a former Kids’ Chance scholarship recipient.

“LWCC’s continued support for the Kids’ Chance Scholarship Program has been invaluable,” said Sewell. “At the Louisiana Bar Foundation, we use this vital funding to help children affected by their parent’s catastrophic workplace injuries achieve their educational goals. Without LWCC’s and others’ funding, many of these children would be faced with giving up their educational aspirations in order to work to financially support their families.” 

LWCC sponsors who contributed to the Speaker Series include:

  • Cadence Insurance
  • Gallagher
  • HUB
  • LWCC
  • Marsh McLennan Agency – Eustis Insurance & Benefits
  • McGriff
  • The Ehrhardt Group
  • The Barnett Company
  • BlinkJar
  • Blue Williams, LLC
  • Creative Planning Retirement Services
  • Gen Re
  • Gravel Investigations
  • Hartwig Moss Insurance Agency
  • Healthesystems
  • Lauren Songy Hatcher, Business Consultant
  • Louisiana Companies
  • Lowry-Dunham, Case & Vivian
  • Pettiette, Armand, Dunkelman, Woodley, and Cromwell
  • LaFargue
  • PS Advisory, LLC
  • Salesforce

Featured speaker Ryan Holiday provided guidance on mastering life’s many challenges, reminding attendees that while we cannot control what happens to us, we can control how we respond. By weaving together ancient, timeless wisdom with key messages from his bestselling trilogy “Obstacle is the Way, “Ego is the Enemy,” and “Stillness is the Key” Ryan provided a framework for navigating life’s complexities.

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