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Louisiana is fourth most unsafe workplace in the country, says new report 

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The Most Dangerous States for Workers: Ranking Reveals Louisiana is Fourth for the Most Unsafe Workplaces 

  • A new ranking has named the most dangerous places for workers, based on fatalities and injuries.
  • Louisiana came fourth and reported 7.7 fatal injuries per 100k workers- 88% above the national average 
  • Wyoming was named the state with the deadliest workplaces, based on fatalities. Meanwhile, Rhode Island is the safest state for workers, as just one fatal injury was recorded per 100k- over 90% less than Wyoming
  • A business expert stresses the importance of raising safety concerns at work and encourages employers to create a risk-free work environment. 

A new study has revealed the most dangerous states for workers, based on the number of reported fatal workplace injuries- and Louisiana was named the fourth most dangerous. 

Researchers at Venture Smarter ranked each state based on the average number of fatal work injuries reported per 100k full-time workers, according to the latest data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

As well as looking at the most recent fatality rates, the data also reveals which states have seen a year-on-year increase in deadly incidents- and where is getting less risky. 

And it turns out that you’re most likely to have a deadly workplace accident in Wyoming, with a rate of 10.4 instances per 100k. 

The findings show the state is most in need of improving workplace safety, as Wyoming’s current injury fatality is a huge 155% higher than the national average of 4.078 per 100k workers. 

However, despite the current figures, the state appears to have made some improvements concerning employee safety, as its fatality rate is 20% lower than the previous year. 

Following Wyoming, the second most dangerous place for workers is North Dakota, with 9 fatal injuries reported per 100k. Deadly accidents are also on the rise in the state, as the rate increased by 22% compared to the year before. 

Montana ranked third with 8 fatal injuries per 100k, which is a third (33%) higher than the rate reported the year before- making it one of the ten states that saw the largest increase in fatal work incidents.  

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