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Lagniappe Ladies award 27 grants, cross $1M mark in total funds provided

by BIZ Magazine

The Lagniappe Ladies women’s philanthropic organization has awarded 27 grants totaling $98,454 to Louisiana Tech University programs for the 2023-24 school year. The amount funded by the organization brings the total amount awarded to the University over its 14-year history to over $1 million.

There were 56 applications totaling $224,000 in requests. The 90 members of the Lagniappe Ladies reviewed the proposals and voted on which ones would be funded in the coming academic year. Grants are limited to $5,000 each, and the number of awards is based on both proposal quality and available funding for the year.

“There’s just something special about the Lagniappe Ladies’ dedication to Louisiana Tech,” said Lindsey Murry, Director of Annual Giving Programs. “These investments align within the Tech 2030 framework to be recognized as a pre-eminent public research university that cultivates learners and leaders, creates scholarships, and advances innovation.”

The grant recipients will be honored at a reception with the Lagniappe Ladies on November 2.

Lagniappe Ladies voted to fund the following projects this year:

  • Division of Nursing, College of Applied and Natural Sciences – Purchase chest tube management system to simulate the experience of assessing and managing chest tubes
  • School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry, College of Applied and Natural Sciences – Purchase new ice cream dipping cabinet freezer
  • Counseling Services – Fund specialized staff training against eating disorders/body image trauma work
  • Prescott Memorial Library – Provide two mobile dry erase boards and two charging towers to improve library study spaces
  • School of Biological Sciences, College of Applied and Natural Sciences – Support the purchase of a MiniON – a device that allows students to engage in genome sequencing
  • Department of Kinesiology, College of Education – Replace AED batteries and electrode pads
  • Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness – Create 5 STAT (Student Assessment/Application Toolboxes), to train teachers on properly giving assessments and applying the results to serve their students better
  • E. Phillips Laboratory School, College of Education – Purchase chemistry laboratory equipment to help students more effectively prepare for the annual Science Olympiad competitions
  • Louisiana Tech Division of Nursing, College of Applied and Natural Sciences – Purchase supplemental curriculum supplies for undergraduate nursing students and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) parts
  • Department of Bands / Band of Pride – Purchase iPads to increase access to sheet music, eliminate excess paper copies, and assist students with eyesight challenges
  • University Hall – Purchase two mobile floor fans to dry basement floors during water leaks
  • Prescott Memorial Library – Purchase two new display cases to protect and display artifacts, rare books, and manuscripts on display in the library
  • SciTEC, College of Education – Purchase iPads to implement a new robotics program
  • Louisiana Tech Speech & Hearing Center – Purchase essential and updated equipment for the screening, assessment, and treatment of individuals with speech-language disorders
  • Introductory Biology Laboratory Courses, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Applied and Natural Sciences – purchase updated digital microscopy and observation equipment for introductory biological sciences laboratory courses
  • School of Design, College of Liberal Arts – Provide print release for after-hours printing
  • SCILS Region 8 LaSTEM Center – SciTEC, College of Education – Purchase 15 photon robots – educational robots that allow students to learn problem-solving, programming, and other STEM-related skills
  • Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering & Science – Fund two systems that enable in-lab demonstrations to be projected on a plasma display for two separate lab areas
  • Career Center – Fund Professional Dining Etiquette Dinners so they are at no cost to students
  • School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry – Purchase three modern birthing crates for the swine unit
  • Computing Center/Student Printer Lab – To continue the 3D printing program for all students by renewing the annual software license, providing filament and maintenance supplies
  • Louisiana Tech Career Center – Purchase professional dress from retail companies to replenish sizes and items that are in highest demand by students
  • School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry, College of Applied and Natural Sciences – Provide foyer furniture to be used as study space in Lomax Hall
  • Louisiana Tech Early Childhood Education Center – Provide students with more opportunities to engage in outdoor play and exploration while also having areas to store and organize outdoor play equipment
  • Human Ecology / Child Life Program, College of Applied and Natural Sciences – Purchase supplies needed to host Bulldog Clinics, a Tech branded version of medical play “Teddy Bear” Clinics, which are often hosted by child life specialists to promote healthcare awareness
  • Nutrition and Dietetics, College of Applied and Natural Sciences – provide students with an experiential learning opportunity to use commercial food service equipment and conduct food and nutrition research
  • Electrical Engineering Program, College of Engineering & Science – Purchase three monitors for Nethken Hall 218 to prevent obstructed views in the classroom

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