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Bossier City Council votes ‘no’ on term limits


By Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune

The Bossier City Council voted to reject a resolution Sept. 19, calling for a special election to adopt amendments to the current city charter.

The vote regarding the resolution was split 3 – 3, meaning the resolution failed. Council members Chris Smith, Brian Hammons and Vince Maggio voted in favor of the resolution. Council members David Montgomery, Don Williams and Jeffery Darby voted against the resolution. Councilman Jeff Free was absent from the meeting.


The special election resolution resulted from a petition brought forward by the Bossier Term Limits Coalition. The petition called for a special election to be held so that Bossier City voters can cast their ballots with regard to enacting term limits for the Bossier City Council and Bossier City Mayor.

At its Sept. 5, 2023 meeting, the city council voted to approve a resolution authorizing the city attorney to take legal action to determine the validity of the certification of the petition brought forward by the Bossier Term Limits Coalition.

Prior to the Sept. 19 meeting vote, Bossier City Council Vice President Chris Smith asked Bossier City Attorney Charles Jacobs a question in relation to the decertification and declaratory judgment process the city council has gone through with the Bossier Parish Registrar of Voters

“Two weeks ago we voted 5-2 for not only asking Ms. Agee (Clerk of Court) to decertify, but also for a declaratory judgment. Given the results of her legal council responding, is the city planning on moving forward with that legal action?” asked Smith.

Jacobs replied, “I am in the process of drafting the petition for declaratory judgment. It should be ready to be filed in approximately 10 days to two weeks, as per the resolution passed by the city council.”

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