Sunday, June 23, 2024

Alexander: Sanctuary States, cities pay price for hollow Virtue Signaling

by BIZ Magazine

Most of the liberal “blue” states in America have had no real issue with the Biden Administration’s “open borders” policy.  In fact, it has been considered “racist” and “bigoted” to want to place any limitations on who could steal their way into our country.

The Blue states have not even, seemingly, been fazed by the great harm and death the Biden open borders policy has created including human and child trafficking (the U.S. has the greatest demand for child exploitation material and is the number one consumer of child sex in the world), fentanyl, which is daily and weekly killing hundreds of Americans, illegal drugs generally, all of which is to say nothing of the criminals and terrorists who make their way to America to do us harm.  This is all breathtakingly reckless and dangerous.

Well, that seems to be changing.  Imagine that!   Look whose ox is being gored now!

The Biden Border Invasion is coming to the Blue states!

How has this occurred?

Well, recall Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbot began in the last 24 months to transport illegal immigrants to “progressive”’ Sanctuary States whose governors endorse blatant rollbacks of federal immigration law.  Now, liberal governors and mayors are wailing about the evils and expense that accompany illegal immigration.   It’s much harder to sit in one’s Ivory Tower and throw stones at the “racist” and “bigoted” Red states when citizens of Blue cities are now having to step over the bodies of illegals to get down the street.

If not so dangerous, this utter hypocrisy would be humorous.

Let’s use New York City as an example.  

Approximately 107,000 illegals have poured into the city in the last two years and the question is where to put them.  NYC Mayor Eric Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul are now attacking one another about who’s at fault for the problem as they begin to have to deal with crime, housing issues and the sheer cost of lodging and feeding these people.  In fact, NYC is “now erecting migrant tent cities” to try to address the problem and the Adams administration “estimates that by 2025 it will spend a mind-boggling $12 billion on the migrants.”  (Henninger, Wall St. Journal, 9-7-2023). 

For further context, I note that “a startling image from the crisis this summer was hundreds of migrants sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the historic Roosevelt Hotel, blocks from Grand Central Terminal” and that “for weeks residents of Staten Island have gathered almost nightly to protest the housing of migrants in a closed Catholic school.” (Henninger, WSJ, 9-7-2023).

I simply point out again that America’s liberal blue states are beginning to get a taste of what “open borders” really means.  It’s interesting to watch wealthy, liberal enclaves begin to directly experience some of the “rich diversity” that the border states have suffered through with illegal aliens.  States like Texas and Florida have been burdened with the enormous financial and social costs of a flood of illegals over our Southern border.  Now, every state is a “border” state.

We know Americans are unquestionably kind, generous and loving people but we are allowed to point out that these individuals are in our country illegally, and that our veterans and all Americans must come before illegals.

We are also allowed to point out that Americans are “Dreamers” too, and that every sovereign nation has an inviolable right to determine who comes within its borders.  Our nation simply cannot be the home of every individual in the world who wants to sneak across our border.

Our government also cannot be allowed to direct and support the breaking of federal immigration law.  The result of this treachery is that the culture and character of our nation is being permanently altered by those illegally being placed into our country. 

Our federal government—whose core constitutional responsibility actually is to control and protect our borders—simply refuses to do its duty in the hopes of gaining through this illegality a larger Democrat voting base.

This is a betrayal of us by our government and we cannot tolerate it. 

Again, if not so serious a threat to our national security it would be cosmically hilarious to watch the policy makers of the lunatic Left squeal with pain as the insane policy prescriptions which they insist on imposing upon hard-working, taxpaying Americans, boomerang around to bite them in their homes and communities.

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