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John Milkovich runs for state senate

by BIZ Magazine

John Milkovich, who served in the State Senate from 2016 to 2020, representing DeSoto Parish and much of Caddo Parish, has qualified to run for the Seat in the 2023 Election. Milkovich believes that the solutions to our challenges as a State and Nation, should come first from Citizens, Families and the Church–– not Big Government–– and that Faith and Family are the foundation of Justice and Freedom in Louisiana and America.

While serving as State Senator, Milkovich introduced and helped pass some of the strongest Pro-Life Laws in America, including the landmark Fetal Heart Beat Bill, which drew national attention and prohibited abortions where an infant’s fetal heart beat may be detected.  (SB184 ’19) Milkovich also introduced and helped pass a  Bill banning Abortions 15 weeks Post-Conception (SB­­181 ‘18); a Bill that makes it a Crime to sell the body parts of aborted babies for profit or research (SB128 ’17); a Bill which made it a crime to coerce an Abortion (SB534 ’18);  a Bill that  allowed Abortion Mills to be shut down for destruction or falsification of Abortion Records–– which could include Records that document underage Abortions and Abortions done to conceal human trafficking (SB325 ’18).

In 2018, Milkovich wrote a book defending Donald Trump,  and exposing the corruption of Robert Mueller and the Deep State efforts to derail Trump’s presidency–– Robert Mueller, Errand Boy for the New World Order.

Milkovich received a 100% Rating on his Voting Record from the Pro Life Louisiana Family Forum, every one of the four years he served in the Senate (2016-2020). Milkovich also received a Life and Liberty Award from Louisiana Family Forum, for introducing and helping pass landmark Pro Faith and Freedom legislation, each year he served in the Senate.

Upon election in 2015 and upon being sworn in as State Senator in 2016, Louisiana Legislators inherited a massive State Budget Deficit.  This deficit occurred between the time former Gov. Kathleen Blanco left Office with a $1 Billion Surplus in 2008, and Gov. Bobby Jindal left Office with a $2 Billion Deficit in 2016–– a deficit that threatened Louisiana Universities and LSU-Medical Center in Shreveport.  After supporting tax measures in 2016 to bridge the deficit gap, Milkovich undertook a 3 year effort to cut government spending in Louisiana, oppose bloated budgets, and stop tax increases.

Milkovich went to the Floor of the Senate in 2017 to propose $40 Million in targeted, specific spending cuts; he went to the Floor  of  the Senate in 2018, to propose $200 Million in targeted, specific spending cuts; and in 2019, he proposed over $320 Million in cuts from the Floor. Milkovich was the only member of the Senate to vote against every sales tax Increase in 2018. Milkovich voted against the bloated State Budget 6 times in 2017, 2018 and 2019–– more times than any other State Senator. Milkovich  introduced legislation to require that local tax elections be held on major election dates, to avoid tax increases imposed in low turnout elections. 

Milkovich also introduced and helped pass a Bill to require the State to post Contracts with Private Vendors on the State Website; and a Bill requiring State Agencies to post whether they are renting Office Space from the Private Sector, as opposed to using State-owned property for free. He introduced a Bill to Study Savings from consolidating Academic and Research Programs in the University System; and  Introduced a Bill to require State Retirement Systems to post Fees paid to Investment Managers. He was one of three Senators to Vote Against the Transfer of $15.5M from Wildlife Habitat to Buildings Acquisition;  Voted against allowing Charter Schools to give away School Buildings, paid for by Taxpayers, to Charter Operators; and Voted Against Multi-Parish Super Taxing Districts. He was the  only State Senator to Vote Against Judicial Pay Raises in 2019; and Voted Against the Use of the Rainy Day State Savings Fund in 2017.   

In 2019, Dr. John George, CEO of Economic Development firm BRF, (formerly the Biomedical Research Foundation), called Milkovich the most fiscally conservative member of the Louisiana Senate. 

As Vice Chair of the Senate Education Committee, Milkovich fought to end Common Core; fought to Protect Louisiana Students from immoral content in the curriculum; worked to make Louisiana Schools safe–– and require Discipline, Respect and Values in education.  In the four years that Milkovich served in the Legislature, there were four bills brought to get rid of Common Core. Milkovich introduced every one of them. Milkovich helped lead the fight to stop introduction of Graphic Sexual Content to children, in elementary and secondary Schools. Milkovich also introduced legislation to protect students from violent predators and remove Bullies from the Schools; filed a Teachers’ Bill of Rights, to allow Teachers to defend themselves and remove violent students; filed Safe School Legislation to remove violent students and allow School Staff with Military or Police Training to Protect Students from armed assaults.  Milkovich introduced legislation to enable School Staff to participate in School Prayer. And Milkovich helped amend a House Bill to ensure that job applicants are vetted before going to work at Day Care Centers, in order to protect small children. 

Milkovich stood up for family farmers in Louisiana, memorializing Congress to adopt sound beef import policy, to protect American Cattle Ranchers; defeated excessive government regulation on family farms; and defended the right of farmers to protect their livestock and crops from feral hogs.

Milkovich fully supported the 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights of Louisiana Citizens, receiving an endorsement and “A” Rating from the NRA.  Milkovich filed legislation to transfer some Medicaid money from Nursing Home Owners to In Home Health, in order to support the right of seniors to live in their own homes; and spoke out against the deprivation of water from the terminally ill. 

Milkovich led an epic fight against the notorious cronyism, corruption and insider politics among Louisiana’s Licensing Boards, that destroy the careers of honest Physicians and many other professionals. 

Milkovich fought in the courts for several years, at his own expense, to oppose the citing of a Strip Club in downtown Shreveport.

John Milkovich worked to protect Caddo Parish Taxpayers–– already paying among the highest property taxes in Louisiana–– against hundreds of millions of dollars of additional property taxes.  In 2015, John opposed and helped defeat a $108M tax bond in Caddo Parish to shut down six community schools, build three unneeded new ones–– and usher  in a new era of cross-city bussing.  Earlier, John was among those that spoke out against “Vision 2020,” a similar plan by the Caddo Parish School Board in 2010-11, to close and combine existing schools, and create new ones. Then Caddo Education Superintendent, Dr. Gerald Dawkins, had indicated at the time that the Project might cost Caddo Tax Payers up to $600M.  The plan was ultimately abandoned after public outcry. 

Milkovich has advocated before the Caddo Parish School Board for including the Bible in the Curriculum.  In 2020, Milkovich publicly confronted the School Board over a required 7th Grade Text that depicted  graphic violence.  Milkovich has campaigned against the Imposition of a bureaucratic Agenda 21 scheme to take away the rights of rural Caddo landowners. 

John White is a Michael Bloomberg protégé, who was brought to Louisiana in 2012 to take over as Louisiana Education Superintendent, and who helped force Common Core on the people of Louisiana.  After serving 4 years, White was legally required to be reconfirmed by the Louisiana Senate; White refused to seek reconfirmation; and White remained illegally in Office. John and his wife Carola brought legal proceedings against White for remaining illegally in Office, taking the Case to the Louisiana Supreme Court. The Courts did not force a Hearing on White’s illegal tenure. However, less than three months after the Louisiana Supreme Court denied Writs on October 15, 2019, White announced his resignation as Louisiana Superintendent of Education, on January 8, 2020.

States Milkovich, “We are grateful to God for enabling us to make a difference in our four years in the legislature.  However, every day,  there are new battles to be won, new attacks on our values, new challenges to our freedom, our future–– and our families.” 

“We must stop Communist Chinese Land Grabs on American and Louisiana Soil.  We must confront the transgender agenda that is threatening our children–– and the very definition of family.  Election Integrity is not optional–– the People must win every election.  Dominion–– the Voting System in use in every one of the 6 battleground states––  must be kicked out of Louisiana–– and chased out of America. And we must confront runaway violent crime–– head on.  Its time to impose severe sentences for violent crimes. If you’re big enough to do the crime, you’re big enough to do the time.  The Welfare system has failed us.  Instead of encouraging hard work, we are disincentivizing hard work, initiative and creativity.  We need to encourage people to develop gifts, not suppress them.  Sadly, in Modern American Politics, Welfare has become weaponized against Reliance on God, Hard Work and Family. The Government has forced tax burdens on working people to pay those that can work, but won’t work, to not work. It is our  Mandate as Citizens, Christians and the Church, to help others–– but that is best done through Individuals and Faith Groups–– not government bureaucracy.”

The work of John has been honored, recognized or endorsed by, among others, the Rev. Denny Duron;  the NRA; the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles; Woody Jenkins; Rev. Tony Perkins; the Family Research Council;  Louisiana Family Forum; Concerned Women for America; The New American,  the Official Publication of the John Birch Society; the Constitutional Alliance; Dr. John George, CEO of BRF (formerly Biomedical Research Foundation); the Rev. Randy Harper; Albert Hardison, former Principal of Walnut Hill School; the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons; and the  Supported Living Network (Advocates for Seniors living in their own homes).

Milkovich grew up working on cattle ranches and doing construction work in Southwest Montana.  John and his wife of 37 years, Carola, a teacher and attorney, have lived in Keithville, Louisiana, over 25 years. Their daughter, Sarah,  is a graduate of Evangel Christian Academy and a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Harvard.  John fought for over 8 years without pay to represent Shreveport airman, James Monds, who was unjustly convicted of a murder in Bossier Parish he did not commit, before being acquitted in 1994.   The case was the subject of a national broadcast by Diane Sawyer and 60 Minutes, and John gives Jesus Christ the credit for the hard won vindication and freedom of this innocent, young man.

John and Carola have been members of Shreveport Community Church for 36 years, where John has served on the Board for over 25 years.  Milkovich, a former Children’s Sunday School Teacher, has preached at the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission, the Rutherford House, and the Caddo Juvenile Detention Center. Over the decades, he has participated in Children’s Ministry, Homeless Ministry, Prison Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, and Hospital, Shut ins, and Hospice Ministry.  John is a Republican.

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