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Bossier Parish Police Jury District 12 candidates speak at South Bossier Luncheon

by BIZ Magazine

By Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune

The South Bossier Lunch group met at the Bellaire South Complex on Wednesday,
August 9, 2023, where special guest speakers, Bossier Parish Police Jury District 12 representative Mac Plummer and his opponent, Keith Sutton, candidate for District 12 Bossier Parish Police Jury discussed the issues and answered questions about the upcoming election in October.

In his opening remarks. Plummer discussed what he has accomplished during his tenure as a Bossier Parish Police Jury member. He also discussed what he wants to accomplish if he is re-elected.

“I would like to go into the specifics of what the Cyber Innovation Center means to Bossier City/Bossier Parish. It has opened many doors for us. You folks in the military understand that one of the benefits of the Cyber Innovation Center was the Department of Defense standing up another major of command. I was a part of that. I cheered it on, I was devoted. I can’t say enough about Cyber,” said Plummer.

Plummer went on to discuss the future expansion of Arthur Ray Teague Parkway in South Bossier. “We are going to plan for the future because we are moving forward. Today, we have 9 of the 15 parcels purchased along our right of way. The remaining parcels have three land owners. We are really close to securing the land needed for the parkway all the way to Taylortown. We have been working on the traffic situation in South Bossier forever and we are getting there,” Plummer said.

“We are moving forward. We are the fastest growing parish in Louisiana North of I-10. What they don’t tell you is that we are the second fastest growing parish in Louisiana. That is remarkable. We have got it going on in Bossier. I would like the opportunity to finish these commitments that I made to the residents in South Bossier,” Plummer concluded.

Following Plummer’s comments, his opponent for the District 12 police jury seat, Keith Sutton, addressed the audience. In his remarks, Sutton discussed what he wants to accomplish if he is elected.

“One of the reasons why I got into politics is that I consider myself an “Average Joe.” I kind of got fed up with the lack of transparency, the lack of term limits, the lack of fiscal responsibility and things like that. So I thought to myself, I can sit around and complain about it, or I can throw my hat in and try to do something about it,” said Sutton.

Sutton went on to say “Things I would like to see done, or at least attempt to do if I get on the police jury include fiscal responsibility. I want to make sure that we are spending money correctly – spending taxpayers money wisely. And, the fact that I have been a business owner for 16 years, I think that helps. I would also like to see some economic growth. I would like to get together with our local officials, state officials and federal officials to see what we can do to get more businesses around here. Maybe visit Huntsville, Alabama, as Huntsville, Alabama is a growing area.”

The goal of the South Bossier Lunch Group is to bring together those in the South Bossier community who want to stay informed and who want to make a difference in the community.

The vision of the group is that their monthly luncheon will help South Bossier business owners, stakeholders, community leaders and community partners network with each other in discussing the growth, development, and business future of South Bossier and Bossier City.

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