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Dept. of Transportation and Development announces bid results for statewide projects

by BIZ Magazine

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announced today that 56 projects around the state received bids in June and July. Forty-three contractors presented apparent low bids totaling $304.5 million.

“As we get into the middle of summer, we continue investing in Louisiana’s infrastructure,” said DOTD Secretary Eric Kalivoda. “We let several major projects that will be starting in the upcoming weeks and months, and we look forward to these as we continue improving transportation in our state. These projects include a major rehabilitation project on I-10 in the in the Acadiana region.”

Projects awarded and their apparent low bids are as follows:

Bridge Replacement and Repair:

  • Replacement of Manchac Acres Road and H.H. Wilson Road bridges in Ascension Parish: $1,541,959.80
  • Movable bridge repairs over Bayou Teche throughout St. Mary Parish: $2,167,423.75
  • Movable bridge repairs on LA 24, LA 661, and LA 3087 in Terrebonne Parish: $398,300.00
  • Movable bridge repairs on LA 22 over Tchefuncte River in St. Tammany Parish: $582,000.00
  • Replacement of Black Bayou Bridge on LA 1077 in St. Tammany Parish: $4,291,639.25
  • Replacement of drainage canal bridge on LA 585 in East Carroll Parish: $2,196,179.55
  • Replacement of creek bridge on LA 372 in Allen Parish: $1,417,793.32
  • Replacement of Hill Avenue Bridge over drainage canal in Morehouse Parish: $706,461.20
  • Replacement of bridges on LA 132 between Mangham and LA 135 in Richland Parish: $9,857,084.50
  • Replacement of Randall Road Bridge over Yellow Water River in Tangipahoa Parish: $1,350,946.50
  • Replacement of North Hoover Road Bridge over unnamed creek in Tangipahoa Parish: $1,841,394.20
  • Mitigation related to bank erosion and bridge pier scour on Ouachita River Bridge on LA 8 in Catahoula Parish: $3,283,637.48
  • Repairs to movable bridges on LA 315 and LA 55 in Terrebonne Parish: $228,385.00
  • Deck waterproofing on LA 8 Red River Bridge in Grant Parish: $321,580.00


  • Milling, patching, striping, and drainage on LA 611-1 and 611-3 in Jefferson Parish: $2,722,655.15
  • Grading, milling, patching, paving, signalization, and drainage on LA 49/Williams Blvd. in Jefferson Parish: $15,369,777.77
  • Milling, patching, overlay, and signalization on LA 16 between U.S. 190 and LA 1019 in Livingston Parish: $15,224,686.60
  • Miling, patching, overlay, and striping on LA 39 between Orleans Parish line and Norton Ave. in St. Bernard Parish: $2,507,777.77
  • Patching and joint resealing on LA 15, LA 617, and LA 840-21 in Ouachita Parish: $1,983,137.00
  • Milling, patching, and drainage on LA 33 between LA 15 and LA 551 in Union Parish: $1,452,264.80
  • Grading, patching, paving, and electronic detection systems on LA 73 between U.S. 61 and Essen Ln. in East Baton Rouge Parish: $18,293,607.35
  • Milling, overlay, patching, and drainage on LA 48 between Ormond Blvd. and Wesco Rd. in St. Charles Parish: $1,762,280.00
  • Stabilization and overlay of LA 15 between LA 1 and Concordia Parish line in Pointe Coupee and West Feliciana parishes: $13,377,997.10
  • Milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 509 between DeSoto Parish line and LA 1 in Red River Parish: $1,947,622.66
  • Milling, patching, and overlay on LA 159 between Country Club Dr. and Benson Rd. in Webster Parish: $6,129,462.94
  • Grading, milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 98 between LA 35 and Llama Rd. in Acadia Parish: $1,789,207.32
  • Milling, patching, and overlay on LA 143 between Ridgedale Dr. and Bayou D’Arbonne in Ouachita Parish: $1,364,082.07
  • Milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 3102 around Larto Lake in Catahoula Parish: $6,677,527.70
  • Grading, miling, paving, and patching on LA 306 between LA 631 and Barber Rd. in St. Charles Parish: $1,018,917.88
  • Milling, patching, and overlay on I-10 between Jefferson Davis Parish line and I-49 in Acadia and Lafayette parishes: $78,894,247.35
  • Grading, milling, patching, overlay, and drainage on LA 347 between LA 350 and LA 351 in St. Martin Parish: $11,955,837.07
  • Grading, milling, overlay, and drainage on LA 1019 between LA 16 and LA 447 in Livingston Parish: $8,192,630.71
  • Milling, patching, and overlay on LA 87 between LA 322 and Centerville Bridge Rd. in St. Mary Parish: $2,294,422.48
  • Milling, patching, and overlay on LA 23 between Russell Dr. and Highway 11 in Plaquemines Parish: $7,174,796.90

Congestion Mitigation and Safety:

  • Dijon Dr. extension Phase II between LA 3064 and Bluebonnet Blvd. in East Baton Rouge Parish: $17,048,770.59
  • Sign upgrades along I-49 between St. Landry Parish line and LA 3265 in Avoyelles, Evangeline, and Rapides parishes: $2,109,152.25
  • Signage and striping throughout St. Landry and St. Martin parishes: $3,201,807.86
  • Left turn lanes on LA 26 at S. Frontage Rd. in Jefferson Davis Parish: $854,402.29
  • Overhead sign upgrades on I-10 and I-610 in Jefferson and Orleans parishes: $740,036.40
  • Interchange lighting replacement on I-10 at LA 26 in Jefferson Davis Parish: $1,832,951.48
  • Repair/replacement of guardrails and impact attenuators throughout Lafourche, Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington parishes: $326,349.50
  • Atchafalaya Basin speed enforcement Phase 2 on I-10 in Iberville and St. Martin parishes: $591,040.00
  • Intersection improvements, acceleration/deceleration lanes, and u-turn improvements on U.S. 90 at LA 182 in Lafourche Parish: $4,256,772.90
  • Pavement markers and striping on I-20 between Richland Parish line and LA 602-2 in Madison Parish: $1,508,241.57
  • Flashing yellow arrows throughout Livingston and St. John the Baptist parishes: $5,456,812.11
  • Drainage improvements on LA 830-3 in Morehouse Parish: $387,789.45
  • Widening of LA 20 between LA 307 and South Vacherie in Lafourche and St. James parishes: $19,838,207.20
  • Left turn lane and median modification on LA 3073 at Youngsville Hwy. in Lafayette Parish: $525,350.14
  • Signage, striping, and other safety improvements throughout Iberia Parish: $2,334,350.87
  • Restriping on various local roads throughout Lafayette Parish: $1,498,989.00
  • Additional turn lane on LA 23 at Gretna Blvd. in Jefferson Parish: $960,160.23


  • Multi-use path and median improvements along Power Blvd. in Jefferson Parish: $3,399,654.60
  • Multi-use path along Vintage Dr. between Power Blvd. and Wilson Dr./Caryota Dr. in Jefferson Parish: $1,742,909.50
  • New sidewalks, striping, and signage at Pineville Elementary on U.S. 165-X in Rapides Parish: $1,611,285.00
  • Sidewalks and drainage improvements on Landis Dr. and Hanks Dr. in East Baton Rouge Parish: $2,770,000.00
  • Plaquemine Riverfront Recreational Trail phase 3 in Iberville Parish: $1,148,828.75

When bids for projects are received, an “apparent low bidder” is identified, although the process of actually finalizing and awarding the contract takes about 30 days. Bid prices deemed outside of a certain range or exceeding the project budget typically trigger a more extensive evaluation. DOTD will continue to monitor increases in bid prices related to supply chain and workforce issues. After a review, DOTD may opt to have the project re-bid.

Construction projects are prioritized by road/bridge condition, urgency of improvements, type/volume of traffic, crash records, unforeseeable emergencies that caused damage, and several other factors.

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