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Alexander: Whistleblowers Make Clear that Hunter Biden Received Highly Favorable Treatment from DOJ

by BIZ Magazine

What a sweetheart deal.  Two misdemeanors and pretrial diversion for countless crimes established by the Laptop from Hell.

It’s really no surprise to learn that Pres. Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has received highly preferential treatment regarding the numerous criminal allegations against him, charges that would send most Americans and any Republican to federal prison for years.

It’s still important, though, to know with clarity how Joe Biden has corrupted the DOJ and the FBI to protect Hunter and himself. 

What am I referring to?

This past week news broke that the Biden Department of Justice hindered, in numerous ways, the investigation of Hunter Biden. 

Of course, for months, a lazy and compliant national media has spun the narrative that the investigation really wasn’t receiving any special treatment.  We now know that was false.  Two whistleblowers, one named and one anonymous came forward this week and gave sworn testimony.

The named individual, Gary Shapley, a 14-year IRS veteran, and the anonymous individual have told a story of “blocked search warrants, tip-offs to Mr. Biden’s (defense) team, squelched avenues of investigation, downgraded charges, and interference by Joe Biden’s appointees.” (K. Strassel, WSJ, 6-23-23).

Shapley testified that the DOJ, its Tax Division and the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office provided Hunter Biden with “preferential treatment and unchecked conflicts of interest.” (WSJ, 6-23-23)

Shapley, head of an elite team of tax investigators, testified that his team was almost immediately prohibited from taking normal investigatory actions. 

He was thwarted both in doing spontaneous questioning of witnesses and in searching for evidence because somehow the Hunter Biden defense team was tipped off and able to impede it.   Shapley was also not allowed to ask questions about “dad” or “the big guy”.  They were also prohibited from investigating campaign finance violations.  

It goes on and on.

Shapley provided further evidence of influence peddling when he revealed a WhatsApp message in which Hunter Biden tells a Chinese businessman:  “I’m sitting here with my father” and urges the businessman to fulfill the “commitment.” 

Hunter Biden then warns the businessman to personally resolve the issue that night or “I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction.” (K. Strassel, WSJ, 6-23-23). 

There are also photos of Hunter Biden on his later-abandoned laptop showing him at President Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home on the day he included his father’s name in the WhatsApp message he sent to threaten his Chinese business associate, Henry Zhao, an official working with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC Energy. (Newsmax, 6-23-23).

While Shapley did not provide evidence that Joe Biden was actually in close physical proximity to Hunter Biden as he threatened businessman Zhao, “if Joe Biden was sitting next to his son as he sent the message as it suggests, it would be a fatal blow to the president’s repeated claims that he never discussed overseas business deals with his son, and the photographs of Hunter Biden at what appears to be a family gathering at the Delaware home is the strongest indication that he was in close proximity to his father when he threatened the Chinese businessman.” (Free Beacon, 6-22-23).

In another email later that day Hunter Biden also mentioned “me and my family”, confirming an agreement for a $10 million contract for “introductions alone,” with bonuses for any successful deals that come about as a result of the Biden family’s efforts.

Still further, Shapley also points out that Hunter’s one-time business partner, Rob Walker, admitted to investigators that an “orchestrated” appearance of Joe Biden while out of office was made to “bolster” the odds of a “deal work (ing) out. “

For obvious reasons, Shapley recommended more serious felony charges than the minor counts to which Hunter Biden has now pled. 

If this is not an example of influence peddling—and blatant corruption of our Constitutional principle of equal justice for all—then I don’t know what is.  If this is not what favorable treatment by prosecutors and glaring political interference which benefits the powerful at the expense of hardworking, law-abiding Americans looks like, I don’t know what it would look like. 

This is rank corruption and those guilty of it need to be held accountable.  While that will not likely happen it is, nevertheless, important that the American people continue to be made aware of it.

Royal Alexander is a Shreveport attorney

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